Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome to Rimshots

RIMshots, tadut-dut-tsch! Our blog is officially open as we begin the countdown to our new life overseas in the Pacific Rim. Get it? When Barry suggested we use this for a title I didn't realize that it was the classic drummer's roll at the end of a punch line, I thought it might be a basketball term, who knew?

We were appointed to the Company on November 11th and it was a very special time for Barry and I, unfortunately the kids were not able to make it. God is so good and we really felt His hand on us during that time.

I hope to be able to post at least weekly, plus send out our monthly newsletter, to keep you all informed. We ask that you pray for us regularly as we pack and plan, both physically and spiritually, for this life change. There are items we will need to purchase, as well as learning there are items we can learn to live without. The kids have been great about all the down sizing which is a huge help.

We are essentially packing three times:

1.) We have to have all items that we will crate on a ship to the Rim packed and ready to go by January 2 so that it can.............sit in storage for a YEAR!! No, I didn't stutter and your ears didn't flutter! We can't receive it until we are permanently placed after our year of language school.

2.) We need to pack for eight blustery winter weeks of training in VA at "the farm".

3.) In April, we ditch all winter clothes accumulated for training, and have to be ready to pack one final time with the 12 ( that's TWELVE), 50 lb. trunks that we are allowed to take on the flight for our first year in the Pacific Rim. We will have a furnished home with all basic needs provided and we'll apparently learn to live simply! Can't take too much in 12 trunks! YIKES!

We really are so excited about what God is doing in our lives and can't wait to see what the future holds. He is our strength and we will be able to do all that he calls us to do as we learn to fully rely on him and not ourselves.

As I was sorting through toys to give or throw away Haddon asked if she could take both of her fairy wands, I said, "Honey you don't need two.", and she said, "But I want to share one with my island friends, they haven't seen one before!". Out of the mouth of babes, you can't argue with that, so two fairy wands it is!

PS-The clock tells what time and date it is in the Pacific Rim.