Friday, April 20, 2012

Board, Bored, and OJ

Okay. First things first, I am so sorry that I have seemingly abandoned the blog, I haven't. Sometimes to be quite honest I am either struggling with time to finish the post, struggling with what to say, or talking myself out of what I have to say since you all have a life and I never want to waste your time. I guess I think that sometimes it's best to say nothing to than to force it and just post drivel.

Speaking of drivel, the other night after I finished serving my chicken enchiladas, the whole dish burst to pieces on its own....craziness.  So far I have had this dish and two glass lids self combust. 

I am going to touch on several topics which I think you should know about:

1. Board or Bored? We are seriously in the throws of praying about Marshall going to boarding school. OK now, breathe out some of that air that you just sucked in...slowly exhale. Oh?  That wasn't you? Of course not, it was me making that gasping for air sound! Aaaaaack!! You should know something about me. Nearly 23 years ago I made my soon to be husband promise that, if we ever did what we are doing now, we would never send our children to boarding school. It was agreed upon. A done deal. That is until you live in an area where by the time we come back here next January 2013, all of Marshall's friends will have moved away. All of them. Put that scenario next to the one where we have sociable son who desires to play sports and there is not a ton of stuff to do here and well....there you have it, a couple of parents looking into a situation that they never wanted, but that actually might be the best thing for the child.

Trust me, you have not thought of an argument against this that we have not mulled over either out loud or privately in our thoughts and silent prayers. I do have to admit that after seeing it operate in person while we were in language school and seeing kids who not only survived it but thrived in it, we are more open to the idea. But it is painful nonetheless. Many factors to consider. Would you lift up this situation with us? You can see the school here There were representatives at our homeschool conference this year and we were very impressed with the school.   He is very excited about going and we have a ton of our families there so he will have lots of his friends attending also. 

2. Hudson got his cast off!! Yay!! His arm is great and we are so excited that he got excellent care and healed beautifully. Other then some minor stink issues toward the end, he said it wasn't so bad. :) It did take him a while to remember that he didn't have to hold his arm over his head when he showered! LOL

3. Would you lift up a man I'll call "OJ". He is our trash man...for now. Let me take you back a couple of years to when we first moved here. This little old man has thick curly hair that peaks out of a baseball cap that looks like it is as old as he is. I have never seen him without it. He has all of about 4 teeth in his head so I REALLY have a hard time understanding him. He always has a smile. Always. He faithfully brings his little run down motorcycle with a cart attached and picks up our trash, a couple of times a day. No we don't always have trash out, but he is there in case we do. One exceptionally hot day, he was at our house picking up the trash when he asked us something. Not understanding him at first, we asked him to repeat it and he motioned that he was thirsty and could he have a drink. Immediately we went and got a bottle of orange juice (hence the name) that we happened to have in the fridge and gave it to him. He gratefully took it, expressing his thanks and walked over behind a tree outside our gate and drank it. In secret. Ashamed. It was during R*madan. As a Musl*m you fast not only from food, but drink as well. I was so struck by this picture, it was almost like "the garden scene" all over again. For Adam and Eve, the CEO made an animal sacrifice to pay for the sin in which they felt they needed to hide. Here we are 2000 years after the ultimate sacrifice was made by The Son to pay for things we are ashamed of and that make us want to hide and yet....he doesn't know it. Hasn't accepted it. Believes that it either didn't happen or that it doesn't affect him. I find this to be so utterly sad.

Fast forward to a month ago. We heard that a house burned down in our neighborhood. It was his. He lost everything, that is, out of nothing, nothing was left. The neighborhood took up a collection to help him out, we gave.  Later, he came by looking for work around our house, at the time we had nothing to be done but told him we would give him the job if something came up. Two weeks later, he is looking for odd jobs again, seems like the neighborhood has decided to hire a company with a truck to pick up our trash, he will be out of a job.

Today I looked up from the school room desk and out the screened in window to see him searching for something in my yard. I address him, he sees me and grins from ear to ear, "Ada sapu? (Is there a broom?)" he says.  "Ada, sebentar, Pak (There is, just a moment, sir)." Our yard had just been mowed and he wanted to sweep our grass clippings. I got money out to give him when he was done along with some soap, toothpaste, toothbrush and other toiletries that we had left over from the youth group's Easter gift bags for the kids at the brick makers village.  He never came to our door for money. We really feel like he wanted to feel like he had earned the help we have already given him. How can you not help a guy like that? He is as dirt poor as anyone I have ever seen and yet he is doing his dead level best to earn or repay.....what was freely given....sounds familiar again doesn't it? So lift up "OJ" so that one day he can drink of Living Water that he may never thirst again!

4. There are roughly 72 days left until we come home! Eeeeeek!! I am SO excited! We are all SO excited. Pray that we finish well. Already there is major conflict with so much left here to do before we come home and the major pull of longing for the familiar and seeing family and friends again. It's very much like senior-itus. Who can focus at a time like that?! Yet we have significant trainings, seed sowing work, language studies, and homeschooling to finish up on top of flying to Malaysia to check out the boarding school and renew our visas ,there is a team retreat, we need to pack up the house, get ready to send the kids to camp, go to Bali for a meeting and go to Singapore for our physicals, then fly to the US!! Wow, made me tired just typing that!!  That is a lot to do in about 10 weeks time!

5. Our visas have issues. This is one of those things that happens over here. Visas are never entirely secure it seems, whether you are on a social visa, a religious visa or a community development visa. Things change. We are letting our go in May, which is why we have to leave the country and will fly to Malaysia, and coming back in on a tourist visa for the last two months of our stay this year. Where we need your help is in lifting up that this issue will be resolved before we head back next year, or that there will be another viable option for us to obtain a visa that will allow us to continue our work.

So there you have it folks.  A few bits and pieces of what is going on in our lives.  I trust you had a blessed Easter celebration.  May you take time to truly focus on the work of the cross, and what the blood that was spilt means to you.  Because of it, how should you live your life?  How will it affect how and where you spend you time, your money, your resources?  One thing we do over here after sharing a "sacrifice story" from the Manual is ask, "Who is someone you can share this story with?"  to get them to think about it and retell it and spread Truth to others. 

So today I ask you, regarding the sacrifice of The Son,
 "Who will you share it with?"

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