Friday, April 20, 2012

A Sticky Situation

Here are the pics I promised...a little late! Things have been busy around here.

These are pics from PYP, the Int'l Youth Group. The crate with the school items that were suppose to be Christmas gifts finally arrived so they became Easter gifts! The students put them together in bags and then played a fun game that could have come straight from Barry's playbook from our student m*nistry days! And if you were a part of that time in our lives, you know just what I was MESSY! Anyone remember playing "Meat Your Maker" games?  I still cannot believe that we played a game tossing raw chickens in that Oklahoma heat!!  LOL  Good times!  Here, they had the two oldest boys and the two oldest girls become human banana splits! They were in a race to see who could get everything to stick on their face the fastest by dropping it on them, for instance, the bananas had to be mashed so that they wouldn't roll off! LOL Enjoy the pics, Marshall had a blast!

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