Friday, February 19, 2010

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Take a deep breath, and sit back while I tell you a story. This is a story of the CEO's faithfulness, his goodness and his care. But first I need to give you a little background.

I have to pay for the shipping of my homeschool materials out of my homeschool budget, this can be very expensive in shipping costs as well as customs charges once it is in country. For instance, one couple here had to pay $300. (US) to get one of their packages! There are ways to try to avoid such large costs but not usually if you have things shipped directly from a store, online or otherwise. So I found out that our crate, which we packed over a year ago, wouldn't be leaving until March so I sought out special permission to order my homeschool items early so my mom could pack them in out crate along with a new laptop because ours is dying, and some additional items that we needed. Everything was set. Here is the rest of the story......

Recently I came in contact with a lady who is also moving to PKU. She found me on FB and we have been writing messages to each other as we develop this new friendship. In the process of these "get to know you" notes we discovered that we have lived in the same part of B'ham, AL. Even though I lived there about 10 years before she did! :) Let's just say, she is a little younger!! Well, in sharing our ministry experiences we began sharing how the CEO had done some amazing things for us through His people, especially during times of need and/or hardship. For instance, when Barry and I first got married a couple from our church surprised us with a king size water bed since they knew we were sharing a "glorified" twin. Later when my parent's had their car wreck in which my father was killed and my mother was severely injured, my boss (who was also my S.S. teacher along with members from our class) paid for our round trip flight to OK from AL, gave us $1000 in cash and paid for a rental car for us to use for two weeks!! When we had medical bills that were a financial burden after Campbell's birth because of her kidney condition, a family in our church in OK gave us $8,000 which covered the whole bill that we owed! Then later when our car died while Barry was commuting to seminary, they gave us a vehicle for free to use. Another time our need was met when several friends came together when I was pregnant with Haddon and purchased us a brand new Ford Expedition, not only to meet a need in our growing family but also just because they knew I liked it!!

Who does those kinds of things? Like-minded people, people serving the CEO, people who realized that blessings from the CEO are to be held loosely and shared freely. I could go on and on, this is the short version, but I chose to just name the big ones here so that you could get the picture. forward to today. I woke up early for class and checked my e-mail. The first one I read was from my new friend who was sharing the details of the CEO's faithfulness to them. It was a long amazing account of needs being met, very similar to what we have experienced. So as I was still marveling at His goodness and faithfulness........I opened the next e-mail. It was from my mom. It began like this: "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your crate has already shipped."

What?! They said it would be shipped in March! What day is it? She was going to pack my stuff this Friday!! How did this happen, is she sure? (Yes, she was sure.) So I panic, what can we do? Thankful I didn't spend my whole amount so that I could pay shipping to get the books over here. Frustrated, because how do I get a laptop over here? Shipping isn't an option, what about my new pots and pans that I really needed? So many thought going through my head and I had to give a presentation in my language class in less than an hour! I cried, I pr*yed, I remembered, I accepted.

After some much needed time in pr*yer I recalled all that I had typed to my new friend and all that she had told to me just seconds before that second e-mail. After posting my shock on FB, prayers and encouragement poured in and I realized that it may not be the way I had it planned, but it would work out some way. Maybe it was time that I put my money where my mouth is and trust Him, remembering that the CEO is faithful, he takes care of his own. To quote the Manual, in the JMc translation, "If you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more does the CEO."

Next when we pick up the kids from school they have a jar in their hands, a result of the last day of chapel during Sp*r*tual Emphasis Week. It has a piece of paper in it stating that you are to write on a slip of paper every time your family experiences the goodness of the CEO and place it in this jar as a reminder. It said, and I quote, "These testimonies provide an important reminder to us of the CEO's faithfulness when we face tough days and tough situations." Okay seriously? Do you notice a theme? I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but this was hard to miss! :)

Then to cap it all off. A friend of ours thinks she may be able to visit us and bring us the items! Wow!! I don't know if it will happen that way or not, but I heard the CEO today, several times saying he will take care of me. He has done it many times before, I just have to keep trusting in him, not in my crate, or other things that I try to depend on!

Whew! I have had an emotional day. Think it's time for bed. I hope you take the time to recount all the blessings in your life, and ways he has looked out for you! If you need to...cry, but*y, lastly always.....remember who is in control!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trip to PKU

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Did you think I abandoned the blog? It has been crazy busy here lately and just haven't had the time to catch up.

First we took a trip to our assignment location, PKU, in Macchiato. (I need to come up with a clever name for the city just haven't done it yet!) We had a great time staying at the home of our team members and stayed busy looking at the work at our training center, our farm, our orphanage and hearing about the new "business starts". We also priced furniture and appliances...YIKES...."mahal sekali!!" (very expensive) Anyway I don't have a ton of great pictures but it gives you an idea of where we will be and some other tidbits I added just for fun! After the trip we are even more excited to finish language school and get started on the next step! And by the way, if I haven't told you, it's on the equator and it is stinking hot there, all year round, sweat will be my closest companion, like it our not!

I would also like to ask you to lift up a little boy by the name "Dito". He is a precious little boy who was adopted by the family of the national worker who runs the orphanage. He has been sick for several months and has not been able to eat and drinks very little, he was extremely thin. Since we returned from PKU we found out that he has been diagnosed with TB. Please lift up that he is able to keep his medicine down and that the CEO would comfort the family during this time. Happy Valentine's Day!!