Friday, January 29, 2010

"Fake an Injury" Day

Marshall pretending to cause the fake injuries!

My Three "Victims"!



Two black eyes and a broken arm

Major head injury, stitches, a black eye and broken wrist!

Haddon, she wanted a black eye, a criss-cross band-aid like they have on cartoons, and a stitches like her friend, Anna, in OK had! LOL!

Utter misery as they head off to school!

So we had a lot of fun with this special dress up day! They each picked out their own "fake injury", this was a new one for us but they loved it! They had a chapel service on this day too, Barry asked if it was going to be a "healing" service!! Bahahahaaaaa!! :)

Things have been a little crazy around here lately. We were coming home from a wedding last Sunday and as we approached our drive ready to back in, lightning struck the pole by our house! We were showered in sparks and then all the lights went out in the neighborhood. As we get in the house, little by little we realize things are not quite right. Here is a run down of this week:

DVD PLAYER: Fried. Three day past warranty and the store still replaced it for free! Yay!!

MICROWAVE: Stopped, then ran haphazardly, got fried. Dorm maintenance man fixes it. I tried it today and every time I use it the circuits get blown and it knocks all the electricity off. Still needs tweaking!

WASHING MACHINE: Fried and won't run on full power. Dorm guy able to fix this too!

TOASTER: Fried. Bought new one.

LAPTOP MODEM: Fried. Bought a little by-pass gadget for short term use. They don't think it can be fixed. Praying for a new laptop! However when I get home it still doesn't work.

ROUTER: Fried. Now I know why the gadget wouldn't work! Bought new router and successfully installed it. Back online!

NO HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER: Not the lightning's fault but another problem that needs fixing. Leak somewhere in pipe. Dorm guy is in process of trying to fix.

ELECTRICITY SURGES: Light constantly dimming then brightening, constant little surges. Fixed far so good!
This week we had the Internet guy here three times, the electricians here three times, plumbing guys here twice, and the electric company guys here once and made three trips to the computer store! Wow, are we ready for this week to be over!

On the bright side we successfully passed our Unit 7 evaluation on Friday and are moving up to Unit 8 a week from Monday. Only 8 weeks of school left! Expect to hear the hallelujah chorus all the way over there when we are done! :)

Please lift us up as we leave our kids behind with a friend on Monday and fly to the big island, to our assignment city! I hate leaving the kids but they will have a good time with my tutor, their "Macchiato" language teacher, staying here with them. Barry and I are super excited to see the people, work, and places that we will be a part of when we move in May!

Also, Marshall will be leaving to go on another service trip to another island on the day we return and (sniff-sniff) we won't be able to see him before he goes! Again, we would appreciate you talking to the CEO on our behalf for peace, safety, and complete trust that we are in his care!


Zimms Zoo said...

Anna thought that was awesome! You did a great job on the injuries. They look so real.

I can't believe that you are almost finished. You guys have done such a great job. We are so happy for you, but miss you too.

Christina said...

Hey Friend.. don't think for a minute I haven't talked to the CEO for you ... I've been camped out reading all your blogs I've missed ... tell everyone hello. We love you all - and am praying for a LOVE for the language.