Monday, November 28, 2011

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Civet Cat (Musang) the "hero" of Kopi Luwak, world's most expensive coffee....and my enemy!

I figured I better get at least on blog post in while I still have the Fall background up! LOL

Barry spent two weeks in Singapore getting a dislocated thumb repaired. He thought he had just strained it but apparently it was wearing away the ligament. Surgically they took a piece of tendon from his forearm and attached it to his thumb by drilling a small hole in his bone and looping it through. Amazing! We were so thankful because the other main option was to fuse it and well, that would be awful! But being two weeks apart was a LONG time, and we were so thankful when he returned. He will go back for a couple days in December to get his cast off and then another month of pt and he will be good as new. The CEO was faithful in caring for us and him!

Okay, so the other night while Barry was in Singapore for surgery on his hand, I waken to hear what I think is our roof as it begins to rain.  Upon waking up further, and listening closer I think, oh, the metal roof is flapping because of the wind.  Then as I fully awaken, I remember that we had the roof replaced and it no longer "flaps in the wind", and I also noticed that it was not raining.

So, now that I have all my senses heightened and I realize, it has happened again.  An animal has gotten inside my roof!  UGH!  Not a feral cat, too big and too heavy.  Maybe a  large rat, or a large lizard, or maybe a large lizard chasing a  large rat!  Or possibly, and most likely, a civet cat.  You know, the one who eats the coffee beans and then....well...uh ya know.....kopi luwak gets made! LOL

It was SO stinking loud!!  I was just praying that as it ran back and forth on my ceiling....ON MY CEILING.......that is the only thing between it and me, one thin sheet of pieced together plywood!  Praying that it would not fall through.  It has happened.  I've heard the stories.  It was all smacking around like it was chasing something and going full speed whacking into the ends of the roof.  I was also praying that it would not wake up the kids, which it didn't thank goodness!  I was hoping that it would find it's way out quickly.  While I am doing all of this hoping and praying I am trying to conjure up some kind of plan if this thing falls through the ceiling!

This past July someone had just told me about the time they lived in this house and a monitor lizard got caught inside and how it eventually had to be killed to get it out, it was running around all crazy and they were whacking it with whatever they could. My mental scenario was not pretty, I had no plan, nothing significant to whack it with, and I couldn't not imagine this having a good ending for it or myself!  It lasted about an hour but eventually, much to my relief, left.  Needless to say I could not get back to sleep for some time.  That was a long night!

The civet cat has been back one time since Barry has been home....there is no way to describe the creepy feeling it gives while running around on my ceiling!  Here is a peek at the critters we've had this month:

The "Houdini" centipede that came out in Marshall's room but manged to get into our NOT crawling out the door....creepy!!  Here he is shriveled after a beat down by hero! :)

The tail of the Cicak (cheechahk), known to you as a gecko, that found his way into Hudson's light socket, but was unable to escape before his head got fried.  The boys gagged trying to get his remains out of there! Yuck!  Barry was gone for this one.  My heroes! :)

Not necessarily a pain to us, but since we were talking about critters, here are a few monkeys at the oil camp in the field across from the home where Marshall's friend lives.  Several were running around like crazy!

Haven't seen a Praying Mantis in a long time!

As Barry and I were driving away from the house I asked him to stop, Out my window I saw this beetle.   I couldn't believe how big it was with it's three horns...crazy, and it was all iridescent shiny like an oil slick.

Trying to put it's size in perspective for you!  Barry said it was surprising how strong it was and it had little barbs on it's legs.

Well, just a taste of life here this past month.  Hope you guys had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Just know that we are thankful for each of you and how you lift us up.  We need it, and we feel it.  The CEO has heard and answered!!  I will post pics of our celebration soon, but I left my camera at my teammate's house. :(  Going to try to crank out a few more blog posts that never got finished.  Sorry again for the delinquency....I am going to do better!