Thursday, June 4, 2009

Remembering Leon

A long time ago in a land that is now far way lived a little girl who had moved to a new state, she was eight years old. While she lived happily with her two older sisters, she wanted a big brother of her own. In this land also lived a teenage boy who still had a lot of love to give to his little sister, but she was taken from him by a drunk driver, she was sixteen.

The families of these two children met and became great friends and while the little girl didn't replace the boy's sister, she gladly accepted the role of "little sister" that he bestowed upon her. She now had a brother of her own and it was official because the boy's mother was a notary public and she notarized the "adoption" papers they drew up!

As time went on great memories were made and good times were a constant in their lives. On the girl's sixteenth birthday she had a party in which the boy brought a date, a princess named Katrina. To the delight of the young girl, Leon married Katrina and the princess accepted her as family and became a sister in the process. Every holiday was filled with laughter and games, riding four wheelers and dune buggy's, or motorcycles and boats. The boy became a man but never gave up the boy in him. He was kind, loving, giving and would do anything he could do for you. He was a follower of the CEO and he was faithful to his faith family, always serving others.

The little girl also grew up and became a woman who married her prince and had a family of her own. The boy and his wife loved the girls' children with all their hearts and made them feel special and began creating wonderful fun memories for them. It was just like they had done for their mother when she was little. All children loved the boy, he was just like them only he had a job and money!

Thirty two years later there was a tragic accident which took the life of the boy. There was shock and disbelief, how could all that energy, love and light be gone? His princess was left, but not all alone. She was surrounded by family and friends and a CEO who loves her and promised to not only see her through, but also gave her hope of seeing the boy again one day.

There is no end to this story as I believe all is still being worked out for the good of all those involved.

G-- is too wise to be mistaken, G--is to good to be unkind, so when you don't understand and you can't trace His His heart. I am thankful to be the little girl in this story, my life and the lives of my husband and children have been made richer by knowing the boy and his princess.


mom2many said...

Praise God we have eternal hope and one day we will dance with those we have lost. I long for that day.

Karen said...

beautiful, Justine! I've been talking to the CEO about his new assignment for that boy ... and for you as you miss him here! You're loved!

Magga said...

So very blessed to be the mom of the "little girl" in this story, & equally blessed to have Leon, like the son I never had.
God is the God of the living! Soon and very soon we will once again see him at the family dinner.

Zimms Zoo said...

It has been heavy on my heart this week. I won't be able to forget the date, since it was so close to my birthday.

What a wonderful CEO you have (and us) that will always be there to catch us and hold us close in times like these.

the gereckes said...

so sorry to hear this...p'ing for you and his family.

joan said...

wow, what a way of remembering "brother" of yours... i love how you told this...has it already been a yr?

Tim and Allison said...

Justine-- I don't know your friend, but what a beautiful tribute you've written for him.

Katrina said...

Thank you Justine. Your words are true and put in such a great story. Leon's life was is a great story known and lived by the many lives he touched. Our Hope Is in the CEO's Son.
Luv Ya,
Princess Katrina