Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Masuk Angin........or Maybe Not!!

Me and "M" with her weapon!

So there was a tutor, a lady, and her husband and they walk in this....... Oh, sorry almost forgot what I was going to write about! :)

Here we were sitting on the couch discussing the questions we were given in class about today's topic: obat (medicine). We discuss who does or does not go to the doctor and why they do or do not go. We discuss what a tukang obat is (a person skilled in medicine, otherwise known to us as a tukang bohon=skilled liar), one who is more of a schister(sic?). You know, kind of like the man in that episode of Little House on the Prairie where Mary and Laura buy that medicine kit from him which supposedly has these cure all medicines, because they want to raise money to buy Rev. Alden a new "Manual"? But it was all a big hoax because the medicine didn't really work but they had already spent their money on the medicine and then couldn't buy a "Manual", remember that one?

Well.....anywho, we were discussing all of this when the topic turned to "kerokan". Literally translated this one word means, "to have one's back rubbed with a coin." Who knew right? So much meaning for such a small word! :) Kerokan is something in the Macchiato culture that they do to determine why you are sick, and I think it it suppose to help you in the process. What happens is they take some type of oil, often eucalyptus oil, rub it on your back, then take a coin and rub (read SCRAPE) your back with it!! If you turn red from the coin (and who wouldn't?)you have Masuk Angin, which literally translated means "enter air" from what I can tell it's like a cold or flu with fever. Which by they way brings us to a side topic. Masuk Angin is the reason that they all wear jackets (often coats) when they ride their motorcycles. Like it can be 95 degrees and these people are wearing heavy leather coats zipping around town!! But they don't want Masuk Angin so heat or no heat those jackets are on!! :)

"M" decides to show me exactly what it is and so Campbell brings in some lotion (no oil here!) and "M" proceeds to scrape the tar out of my neck!! I'm saying, "This hurts, of course it's going to be red, you are breaking blood vessels here!!" She just smiles, secretly, or not so secretly, enjoying my discomfort and laughing at my comments!! :) So by this time Barry, with a mischievous smile, is going, "Justine, do you feel okay? It got so red so fast! You must be sick" and I'm like, "Of course I'm fine, she is just scraping me to death!". We all have a good laugh then she tries my arm which of course does not turn as red as fast, probably because of the hangy down arm fat! :) Don't laugh at know exactly what I am talking about! Hahahaa
As you can see it was quite the adventure! Barry says, he thinks it's like "snipe hunting" .LOL

So since I apparently have Masuk Angin, I think that means I can stay home from class and not give my presentation tomorrow! Right? "Cough...cough...sniffle....sniffle...I'm SO sick!!" Quick, somebody find me a tukang obat.........just wait until after class time tomorrow!! :)


Zimms Zoo said...

From the looks of those marks I am surprised that you have any skin left. What an interesting way to see if you are sick. I think you get the sniffles from crying while they are tearing your skin up.

Christina said...

I don't know what I am most alarmed by ... the fact that you know the whole Little House Episode so vividly, the fact that your photo looks like a crime scene of a domestic quarel, or that I can see your bra strap in the photo! Have you no decency?