Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Trip to Maxwell's House

This is the beautiful drive from the farm to the orphanage in Maxwell's House where Barry spoke last Sunday.

Giving thanks before the service started which was all lead by children at the home! We loved it!

Adorable kids everywhere being cute and silly! They were pretty shy but we hope to overcome that in the days ahead!

Barry teaching

This is the part where they started singing Justin Beiber's, "!" It was so funny! Seems right now that is the song we hear most from people. They keep telling us that our boys look like him! It's a total crack up!

We had a great time Sunday at the orphanage. Barry is doing so well at teaching in our new language, I am so proud of him. It really is hard to know how to communicate truths from the Manual sometimes because the way we would say it is not always how they would say it. So you really have to know cultural cues or what you say will not make sense in their context.

Also this week we had a team retreat at a local hotel where we all came together and had meetings in the morning, came together for lunch, swam together all afternoon and then ate together and had fellowship in the evening, it was perfect. Since our family and another family are new to the area it was a great time of hanging out and getting to know one another a little better and to hear from the CEO and vision cast for our work.

Wow! We have 13 million coffee beans that need to be cultivated and then hopefully harvested. Seems like an overwhelming task, and that is just our coffee, there are millions of more beans all over this island/country needing the same thing! Difficult? Definitely! Hard and frustrating at times? Certainly! Impossible? I think not! The Manual is clear that all types of coffee will be harvested (, just go with me people!:)) Please join us in fervent conversation that the work will be fruitful and forthcoming! There are many barriers to this work, we cannot do this alone, we need you to come along side us and join us in our appeals to the CEO!! Thanks again for your words of encouragement, they mean so much!

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Christina said...


Everytime I drink my coffee in Vienna, I WILL think about "coffee" thanks to your great illustration!

Just wanted to touch base w/you and tell you how thankful I am you are my sister! I do wish we were living next door to each other. I could use some arm and arm living ... does that make sense? So much of our live here has been lived with my hands in my pockets. Hopefull that will change soon. Even if it doesn't, it's nice to know I have a friend like you!

Much love you to and those J.B. look a likes! Hahahahahahahahhahah

I'm so proud of Barry, too! Yahoo! I'm evern prouder of you for being proud of him ... what a great witness a great marraige is!