Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink It Is!! Our house..What were you thinking? :)

The new paint job!
The last three weeks we have had workers at our house. This time it was the painters, who also happen to be the roofers, the plumbers, and the furniture repairmen. What can I say, they are just a talented group of guys! We were so happy to be able to have the house painted, it was definitely the ugly child on the street. Since house colors run the gamut here from two shades of purple to zebra striped pink and black (fortunately they finally painted over that one!) we had the dubious task of deciding on a color. Now, let me just say, I was an art major. Color is important to me. Barry, however, is not an "artist" per say but I think if he had nurtured his talent while he was younger, he could have been, he definitely knows what he does and does not like and is really creative. That being said...deciding on a color was interesting to say the least. I have an ability to "see" what I want to achieve in my mind and can work towards it. Barry is great at putting things together, when he can see the pieces, and build from that point.

Yep, abstract and concrete, that is us........on many levels!! :)

As we began to talk about painting the exterior, admittedly, I was very ambiguous. Not having or stating much of an opinion at all. The sad fact of the matter is that I am use to everything being dirty and gray over here. Our streets, our cars, our stores, our clothes (not dirty but certainly sun-bleached). So I was kind of feeling that it didn't matter because in a matter of time the paint would fade or have rust streaks running down it and so I was resigned to the fact that "whatever" was fine. Barry on the other hand noting my disconnect from this project began to form in his mind a way to make this house beautiful for me. (He's sweet like that!) He likes color and I like color so he was mulling it over trying to "piece it together".

Enter the tile.

We have been blessed/cursed (depending how you look at it) with pink tile on the front posts of our house. These pink tiled posts are accented with a lovely shade of maroon which then extends to maroon tile on our large front porch. So as you can see this presents a bit of a problem. You can choose to ignore the pink tile, like I did in my kitchen and painted it yellow even though those same pink tiles make up my counter tops. Or you can try to figure out a way to work with the tile, he decided on the latter and was thinking of painting the house pink with white accents, very Bahama-ish!

Really, I was okay with that, and said so, until the day came to buy the paint.

On a whim I got on the Sherwin-Williams website and found that they have a super cool program that lets you download any picture and "mask" it off to try different paint colors. So fun, and the options are limitless! So I immediately went to work on cooking up all kinds of options for us. That is when things got a little..uh...interesting. I will spare you the details, let's just say that we ended up having to create our own pink color as theirs all had a purple or peach tone (no thanks), and there was no blood shed invloved! There might have been a smirk or two but its all fuzzy now! (Pretty sure that is from the heat+smoke+paint fume mixtures.)

LOL Actually, it wasn't that bad and both of us are completely pleased with our compromise.

Update on things a few other things:

Kids are all doing great! For those of you who have been lifting up the boys and their need for friends their own age, the CEO has answered in a big way and they are so happy.

Barry is doing great healthwise and will head to Singapore for his check up in May. We are hoping to make a 21st anniversary trip out of it so that should be fun, please pray he can get off all medication.

The little boy, "D", who is very sick at the orphanage is responding well to his medication, yay!!

There are still so many things here that need your attention, please remember us and talk to the CEO on our behalf, and on behalf of these beautiful people. We love you guys!!

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