Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Today marks our 2 year anniversary in Macchiato.

What a journey these 2 years have been. I have done things and seen things I never imagined that I would do or see. I have learned to do without many things I thought I needed and I have found ways to make up for the things I need but don't have.

You know the scr*pture were it talks about " man who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the CEO's service"? Well, that can be a struggle can't it? I mean do we ever long to go back to the life we knew? Sometimes. Do we ever feel like this is too hard and long to return home? I am sure each of us have at some point. But I wouldn't change it, I am where I should be. After all, we need to take the good and the bad and express gratefulness for both because we know there is a purpose.

This post is a look back over the past two years, but not in a longing for the past look back. Not that we haven't longed because we have, we just try and make sure that if we long, we make our longings short. (Wow, is it just me or did I just sound like a Steven Tyler quote?) LOL Do you know what I'm saying? If we sat around here longing for the way things were or dwelt on what we use to do or have, then we would miss out on the joy of the here and now. We would miss the blessings and privileges of what we are here to do. So we persevere not by avoiding any felt hardships, but in spite of them, because of the ultimate end, bringing glory to the CEO. After all didn't someone say it's not about us?

So enjoy this look back, what a ride it has been!

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joan said...

Justine & family,
WOW!! i just "visited" u in ur video of the past 2 yrs. Has it really been that "long"? Watching made me miss you all the more; but yet know ur obedience 2 the Lord is more important.
Thanks, for keeping the rest of us updated these 2 yrs. And letting us "walk where u've walked" by ur blogs.
luv & prayers,

the Kelleys said...

Wow, Justine! This "video" is great! And all the things you said are so true. I can relate!

Rocky said...

The second picture is my favorite. .:)