Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Throw it away, we don't eat where the Cecok trod"

A view from our seat on Singapore Air. Three rows of three seats across with movies, games, tv shows and music on demand for each seat! We were spoiled!

Campbell watching a movie while Haddon played a coloring page game.

This was at a restaraunt in the same mall with the big slide (see my FB page for that photo), these are ducks.......about to be someones dinner!

Walking back from the mall in the capitol city. People are selling all kinds of things out of all kinds of containers and kiosks.

Here is a dancing monkey that was on my front porch!! The man has him do all kinds of tricks, he is carrying fish on a pole across his back like the fishermen here do. It was hysterical. Things like this never happened in Oklahoma.

The title quote of this blog were words that came out of Barry's mouth after Campbell dropped an apple slice on the floor and shouted out, "Three second rule!". It thought that was so funny! Cecok (cheechock) are little lizards (geckos) that hang out in your home, but it's a good thing because they eat mosquitos so they are our friends. That gives you a little taste of how our lives are beginning to change, lizards in our home are no big deal!! I would have freaked in America if I had seen one let alone more than one.....wonder what the difference is?

We have a great three bedroom home that has a little office inside and another one outside up the stairs above the laundry room with a great view of an inactive volcano. We have a "wet" bathroom and a dry bathroom. Both have western toilets but one has the shower (just out of the wall) and one has a sink and a mirror. There is no air conditioning but this city is relatively cool as it is in the mountains and it is made so that it is well ventilated. However having it all open and hearing all the traffic and call to pr-yer at 4:30am has been a little hard to get used to. Haddon wishes that man would stop singing into the microphone!!
We have seen dancing monkey's wearing masks and doll heads, a man driving a motorcycle holding a baby AND an umbrella. We see cars, vans, motorcycles, horses pulling wagons and rickshaws (becaks) on the roads everyday. We have eaten at a street vendor and had KFC which only comes in Original or Extra "Spicy" Crispy. We have seen the extreme wealth and extravaganse of the capitol city side by side with beggars and extreme poverty. The native people are very friendly and have always tried to help. The little girls at the msque, just four houses down, hang out the doors and windows just to say hi. This city is used to foreigners so that makes things a little easier, it will be different in our assignment location.

We are excited about Language School starting but hear that the first three months are pretty rough. I think we will start a week from Friday, at least that is when orientation is. The kids will go to school next door to ours and they have taken a tour already, they are excited. Marshall is a little apprehensive so please pray that he will feel comfortable. Most of the families with our company are leaving by July, which is sad to us, they have been so warm and helpful that I hate to not have more time with them! At least two other families from our company will be here and there are many from other like minded companies as well.

I'll write my top ten as soon as I can remember them! I am going to blame jet lag!! Please continue to pray for us, it's a little stressful just learning how to do even the smallest things, it's not that they are hard but it is all very different from what we are used to. We miss you all and pray for you regularly, please continue to talk to the CEO about us, it is our lifeline and we feel it!! Hope all you mothers had a great mothers day!!


Zimms Zoo said...

Man you have been there just a few days and already have lots of stories.

I guess I can't come check out your new digs if you have lizards in them. I am pretty sure I would be sleepless the entire time. :0)

joan said...

Wow...loved seeing the "sights" via picts.
It was great to hear from you and knowing abit of what's happening....
Our prayers are always w/you! Tell everyone "hi"!