Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odds and Ends of Life

We have had a lot of fun in "Macchiato" these past two weeks. There have been adjustments as far as food, most is great, some just taste too different right now. We have a cook who is in training doing a great job, and a cleaner. Right now we are having the cook fix native foods for lunch and American style dishes for supper(they are good just not quite the same). Both ladies are quiet and sweet and have been a big help when someone comes to the door or calls and doesn't speak English. I'm sorry but I really cannot express to you how much I love setting out my laundry piles and having them come back ironed and folded!! When school starts I will really rely on them as my time will be spent studying or taking care of the kids. Both workers are "cousins". Pray that they see the Son in us and that we will be able to share the Truth with them at some point and that our family will be a blessing to them. The kids are being troopers with the food, except once Hudson said the spaghetti noodles were...squishy...uh, do you want them hard?? :)

I was asked about prices and the cost of living here so I'll give you an idea of what certain things cost. First of all you should know that 100.000,00 is their highest bill, it is $10.00 US. They reverse the use of commas and periods here for money. I'll give the US amount.

Propane tank - $7.50(a little larger than the one for our Webber grill)
Parking in town - $.20 You pay to park and attendants help you get into traffic
Major Water Park - $4.00 a person
Six meals @ water park - $8.00 (total)
20 ltr. jug of water for our home - $1.05
20oz. bottle of water - $.10 Can you believe that? Even at the water park!!
Can of Coke - $.50 (even in a restaurant)
Hiring a driver for the day (using our car) - $6.00
Imported cheese block (1 lb cheddar,etc.) $10.00
Imported Instant Oatmeal (box) - $7.00
Importer cereal Post Blueberry Mornings - $5.00

If you buy native foods and groceries it is very inexpensive, but if you buy the VERY LIMITED imported American products you will pay through the nose! It costs us roughly the same amount to eat at McDonalds, maybe a little cheaper, their Happy Meals don't come with fries. They also serve fried chicken and rice in combos called "packets". Next to the "Tomato Sauce" container they always have "Sambal Sauce", a chili sauce that is hot but tasty!

I miss everyone and think of you all often!! Thanks for all the talks with the CEO on our behalf.


Dara Steward said...

Loving you from SHBC-OKC. Love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

love reading an update on ya' and prayers, joan