Friday, May 22, 2009

"What did you say we were having for lunch, Mom?"

We have had a good but interesting week. One thing that has been tricky for us is navigating menus with our cook, especially since neither of us speak the others language!! On our menu for lunch one day I thought I would try potato soup. Now, things here are different and so there would be no bacon or cream and all to add to the soup but we decided to be adventurous. This picture of Hudson is a picture of the "soup"!! Hahaha We sat down to the table, Barry and I took one look at it and then looked at each other and died laughing!! I was afraid the kids wouldn't touch it but they all decided to try it and it tasted.......AWESOME!! Now, admittedly it was like thin mashed potatoes but it had great flavor and we literally licked the bowl clean, well.....Haddon did. :) So tonight we were suppose to have Teriyaki chicken, we had been in town running errands all day and came back right before our cook got off for the day and she showed us the chicken and was saying, "No (something that we couldn't understand and now know that it was, no teriyaki!)" I took one look at the chicken and knew this was NOT teriyaki chicken, so Barry and I tasted the mound of shredded meat and discovered that she had mixed it with KETCHUP!! However she had made yummy homemade buns to eat it with so that was supper tonight. Again, everyone loved it and I told no one that it was ketchup since I have some children that won't touch ketchup....hee hee!!
Our next issue came on Wednesday when we were told that we were not going to be able to go to Language School after all because of a visa issue. Apparently for the first time ever, the government officials was demanding that we have a student visa to go to school. We are on a teaching visa, and since the company has already paid multiple thousands (a huge amount) we really couldn't change for one year! After asking my family and posting on Facebook for the CEO's help, the next morning we received a phone call saying that we were able to get in after all (Yay CEO!!) of course it cost us, and probably was not on the up and up on the government's part but unfortunately that is the way things work around here. So we officially start school on Monday as the only two students in Unit One!! We will have school from 8-12 with about two hours of homework a day for the first three Units, with a weeks break between units. Needless to say we will need lots of talking to the CEO to accomplish language learning!! The kids are going to stay with our house help and will be doing assignments that I have prepared for them. Also, we have a break at ten and since we live right down the road from our school we can go check on them!
On Sunday we attended a local Machiatto "business", they had power point so at least we were able to sing along. A friend helped translate for us so we were able to at least know the passage and the gist of the message! The people were very warm and friendly, it was nice!!
I am going to add a few more pics so you can see some other things we have discovered in Machiatto on my next post. Hope you all are doing well and staying close to the CEO, we miss you!!

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joan said...

wow....the power of talking w/our CEO! thanks for the continual updates!
love & prayers, joan