Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Something's wrong, it's too quiet!

Barry spoke those words as he and I walked out of the grocery store/mall yesterday. As we begin to process what is different, we notice there are no cars moving, not even motorcycles, which trying to stop them is like trying to stop a river with your hands!! There was a large crowd gathered in the street and everyone and everything was silent. There are untold numbers of policemen and soldiers standing around. It was a bit eerie. You already feel like you don't understand all that is happening around you in a normal day, something like this is a bit disconcerting.

All of the sudden out of the crowd comes our policeman friend,"D". He smiles and waves for us to come over to him and tells us that the President of "Machiatto" (our country's code name) is coming to our town and will be here any minute! Well, that may not be exactly what he said, but with our limited vocabulary that is was we decided he was saying! :)

So there we stood, waiting with half of the city, on one side of the road, as we listened to "D's" walkie talkie. Oh, and I might add people were pulling out their phones to take pictures of the president....and us! Then "D" had to leave and within minutes the motorcade came into view. It was pretty impressive. Just another day in paradise! :) I am not sure how we keep "falling" into these crazy circumstances but they sure keep things interesting!

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