Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Piece of America

This is traffic in the capitol...CRAZY, bumper to bumper all the time! It took us an hour to an hour and a half to get anywhere!

A sight for sore eyes!! Seriously, I teared up a little when I saw that it looked just like the ones from home! Isn't that silly? But I couldn't help myself, the tiled tables the pictures on the wall (you know the queen of the chili cook off in the convertible?) and toilet paper and paper towels in the bathroom! It was just so nice to see it!! Even the flooring and light fixtures were the same. Which proves it is the little things I guess!

Not sure why I look like I have a turtle in this pic with an exceptionally long neck!! :P We we so happy to be there! They even had "free" refills! (of course the drinks were $2.50 US so not sure how free that was, but no one here has refills!) Also the Coke recipe was the American kind not the Asian kind...pretty sure we got our money's worth in Coke alone! :)

Portions were huge and tasted very close to home! The Queso was a little different and the Chili on the cheese fries but overall everyone was very pleased with their food and that we had enough to eat our fill and take home leftovers!

Fajitas and Chicked fried steak were the orders of choice!

Happy for the chance to eat there...

....and way to full to try to jump again for the picture!! LOL!!

I know it can be silly that food can mean so much, but it is a strange thing when you no longer have what you are used to. We of course have learned to eat other things but we have found that the food here does not seem to be as varied and therefore we crave different tastes that are just hard to come by over here. So when you have the chance to taste something familiar and "homey" it really is a great blessing!

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