Sunday, June 6, 2010


While in the Capitol for processing paperwork, we were hoping to meet up with friends from language School who have already moved (do you remember Haddon's classmate Ollie?), unfortunately Ollie got sick and they were unable to come see us. But thankfully, he is better now. We did want to do something fun for the kids and so we took them to "KIDZANIA". It says it is for 4-16 year olds and while it was a little young for Marshall, they all found something fun to do that they enjoyed. By the way, all of our paperwork went smoothly which is an answered conversation because this has not always been the case lately. In fact it has become quite an issue, but we are good to go for another year! Yay!

So what is KIDZANIA, you ask? Well, it is a 7,500 square foot theme park for kids where they get to be the adult. You check in and pay at an airport counter where you are given a wrist band and a check for $50 (Kidzos). Upon entering, you go to the bank to cash your check, then you need to get your driver's license but before you can do that, you must go get a physical (eye exam). They literally have to pay $10 for this and then wait in the waiting room, have their exam and then leave to go wait at the DMV to get their license, which cost $20! By this time they have little money left and so they must go find a job and work to earn more money so they can do other activities. You can be Policemen, Firemen, Dentists, Doctors, Construction workers, factory workers, beauticians, cashiers, etc! Every job has a uniform and takes about 20 minutes. After you earn money then you can pay to be the customer at one of these businesses, it is really fun! The parents can't do any of it, it is just for the kids, and when the kids have earned at least $30 they can go to the bank and open up an account to get a debit card which works in four ATM's placed around the complex!

Needless to say, they had a blast! I don't have as many pics of the boys since they left to go get jobs together as Pilots, Construction workers, Pizza makers, etc! Later that evening we went to have dinner at the home of one of our friends from training. It was a fantastic time of great food (roast beef - my fave!), playing Skipbo and she even made a cake to celebrate all of our birthdays from the last year!! Too fun! Thanks J and P!! :) Well, enjoy the slideshow.....

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Zimms Zoo said...

Anna and I just finished watching this. She kept saying how fun it looked!

Carrie said...

Wow! That is so cool!