Monday, December 20, 2010

Bieber Fever in Macchiato..."Aaack!!"

First let me say that until they called Marshall, "Justin Bieber", we had no idea who he was and had to Google the name to find out. Since that first time, he has patiently (ok, sometimes not so patiently) posed for pictures as countless girls have asked to take their picture with him. CEO only knows how many FB pages his picture has been posted on.....much to his dismay! LOL

They are so funny how they pose with him!

He never knows how to stand!

They are very specific though about how they want the photo taken!

So for now he endures Bieber Fever, and is ready for the fad to pass, so that he no longer hears, "" whenever the kids in the neighborhood walk by the house! Some day, this will be funny to him. :)

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Zimms Zoo said...

Justin Bieber makes everyone in this house puke! Dillon has LOTS of Bieber jokes. That is so funny. Cant wait to have our pics taken with the star.