Sunday, December 5, 2010

Flipper? I Think Not!!

I have a dear friend who has been giving us some extra money so that when we go to Bali we can do something a little extra for fun. You know, something crazy! This friend likes to enjoy vacations like I do, full speed ahead. Our philosophy is that you never know if you will be back there again so you need to enjoy it to it's fullest! (This is much to Barry's chagrin, because he wants to kick back and relax, I mean really? On vacation? Boring!:) ) This is one of the many ways they and I are kindred souls. So last year we went on a boat ride to another island, toured it and went snorkeling. This year I found out that for a decent price we could swim with dolphins! I don't know about you, but I have always wanted to swim with dolphins! I mean, who doesn't love dolphins right? They are the gentle giants of the ocean. Sweet, mild mannered, and loved by the masses, especially since the show Flipper forever immortalized them as the darling of the sea. Remember how helpful he was? How fun and kind? Yes, I realize I am showing my age and some of you have never seen Flipper but surely you've heard of it!! I mean to top it all off...I have a secret, I do a mean impersonation of a dolphin. Now before you have mental images of me bouncing a ball on my nose or jumping through hoops in the water.....what I mean is their Whatever you call it, I can imitate it as a rare few of you have actually heard. (Rereading this I am going to be sorry that I posted that!)

Well...I hate to burst your bubble but not all dolphins are Flipper, and I have proof.

And as a little confession here, I am still holding a grudge. I mean, I was the one who picked this little excursion for the family. I set it all up and got everyone pumped up on how exciting this adventure was going to be, despite the three hour cab ride to the hotel on the other side of Bali,(minor detail) this was a once in a lifetime adventure we were embarking on! What's not to be excited about?

I just want to add that the photo was taken days later after we arrived home, initially it was nearly pure black! Let's just say I am glad it was me and not one of my sweet children who were not so convinced this was a good idea but lovingly trusted their mother in their innocence! :) Otherwise I might be writing this up from jail after serving up some dolphin stew! (Just for the record...I would have had Barry do it, no way would I get back in the water with "Damian"!) LOL Seriously, there was no start he just barely moved, ducked under water and took that so called "bottle nose" and rammed my thigh then resumed position as if nothing happened, he never moved again until I sat on the edge and put my feet in (like the trainer told me to...stupid trainer) and then he went after my feet! Oh, and one last thing, Barry was actually the first one in but the dolphin didn't move, so the trainer tells us that I should go first because they respond better to women, guess I should have had him clarify "respond".

We actually did end up having a great time so all was not lost. But take a little advice and next time you think about swimming with the dolphins, or sticking your children in with the dolphins.....they ain't all like Flipper!

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Zimms Zoo said...

sarah wants to know why the dolphin attacked you. marty wants to know if you makes you feel better to know we ate his cousin with our tuna salad. hehe

Christina said...

Chris didn't believe me when I told him ... your pictures were prof of my tale!

In fact we had a meeting w/our supervisor and we told him about it ... still can't believe that! Remind me never to do the dolphin thing if we ever visit ... scary!

Actually, I don't know what would be more scary ... the dolphin attach or me in a suit ... yikes!

Love you