Friday, February 18, 2011

I Hope Ordering a "Venti" Will Never Be the Same For You

They had these pre-packaged meals a the grocery store, ya know, in case you want to make a soup or salad with 8 macaroni noodles! Lol

I know I have been keeping you all up to date on Barry's condition, he is doing much better by the way, and really, that has consumed us for the past month, but there is so much more going on here. Unfortunately I am unable to give you many details but if you read this just right I think you will get the picture that I am going to try to paint for you.

I fully believe that what is going on with Barry is not separate from other things that are happening on the island, especially since the ringing in of the new year brought a new focus on our work and the large task at hand. Someone wants us distracted. You see,the CEO has been working and we are seeing it, not in our city so much, but all around us there have been people who have become part of the workforce and joined the CEO. Of course this does not happen without it's own difficult challenges, it's messy. Very messy. Nonetheless He is moving and people are responding. How I wish I could share stories with you, many are enduring all kinds of "lay offs and cutbacks" because of it, yet are standing firm and being vocal about these business opportunities to others. Things that have been non-existent and unheard of on this island are happening right now!

I tell you this because more then ever we (us and our co-workers) need to be supported by those of you who will lift us and the work here up, we need you and are dependent upon your end doing your part. It's crucial.

Since I am homeschooling all four kids right now my time out among the locals is more limited, however I have found that it really takes very little effort to meet people and many times there are those who seek you out. Coincidence? I think not. For example, today we went to one of my favorite grocery stores that carries some imported goods and as I was about to check out, a lady who by all outward appearances is not like-minded, stopped and talked to the kids as they waited for me to grab one last Snickers....I mean item. :) As I approached she introduced herself and told me about herself and said she would love to exchange numbers and meet with me sometime because she teaches English and since there are no tourists in our town it was hard for her to know if she was still pronouncing her English correctly. I was excited and eagerly gave her my number saying that I would love to meet with her.

Now hear me on this, yes I know the language but to have any deep meaningful conversations in this language is still difficult for me, and is in fact one of my major frustrations. My conversations seem to stick at surface level because of my lack of understanding the different words used here that we were not taught in school, and just overall lack of experience. So to be approached by someone who can speak English and the opportunity that this gives me is beyond exciting to me. She even told me before she left that she saw us in the mall and we seemed friendly so she followed us to the store and bought items while she waited to meet us, then she insisted she check out right before us so she could buy the kids some candy to leave with them! How sweet is that?


I may seem like I'm one egg roll short of a pu pu platter sometimes, but even I can see this was an appointment that I was meant to have! So please lift up that we can develop this budding friendship and that as I share Truth, it will fall on ears that can hear. I will call her "Venti", so you have a name that you can use when you talk to the CEO about her. Woohoo!! Makes me want to bust out a rendition of "Days of Elijah"!!

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Artist Jerry Bennett said...

" egg roll short..." :) Have always known that about you. :)

Lifting up Venti and you all. Will lift more if you don't bust out in song. :) (Oh, okay, go ahead.)