Monday, February 20, 2012

When You Say You Need a Specific! :)

Just an fyi...I wrote this last week and never posted it.  I decided to go ahead and send it and then I will update you in the next post. :)

Not a lot of time to blog but wanted to update those of you not on FB that Hudson has broken his arm.  We are in Jakarta for a homeschool conference and while he was playing football with several friends  there was a big tangle of kids and his arm got stepped on or tripped over.  Either way it ended up with an incomplete fracture.

Some dear friends of ours, who live in Jakarta, took us to the expat (foreigner) clinic where they immediately took Hudson in to be examined and x-rayed.  Thankfully they spoke great English there and so I felt very comfortable and so did Hudson.  I have to admit here that.....I am not really good in crisis type situations.  Like, don't ever pick me to make life or death decisions, it won't be pretty.  I blank out, stutter in my responses and generally look like I had a lobotomy the day before, is that a clear enough picture?  So while I was confronted with several options and questions on insurance and means of treatment, I went nearly catatonic and my sweet friend Charlotte would then gently prompt me in the right direction after I looked at her with pleading eyes that begged her to tell me what to say.  Charlotte....THANK YOU!!  I have so much more to share about this I hope to get back to it some day, just not enough time right now.

We got in touch with our company Dr. who then set me up with a national Dr. who arranges things for us with national doctors.  So with his help we set up an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  After an hour long taxi ride in this hideous Jakarta traffic, we had to wait almost two hours at this national hospital because the Dr. was detained.  I sheepishly admit that when they came to tell me that he was going to be late...I was asleep!  LOL  How embarrassing, I literally fell asleep in the chair waiting.  The lady giggled when she noticed that she had woken me up!  The first hour we were entertained by the saltwater fish tank that, intending to or not, resembled a real life "Finding Nemo" scene!  It was very cool to watch and to see all of the live coral, but by the time we entered that second hour of waiting.....Hudson and I were no longer enthralled by the fish!

Seriously, by the second hour I was resorting to singing songs about Dr. Nico (whom we were waiting on) much to Hudson's chagrin...but at least I got a laugh out of him with my terrible rhymes!  Now, Hudson is feeling okay, but so anxious to get back to his friends.  This is one of two times a year that they can all be together and they definitely make the most out of it!  In fact, one of the problems that this broken arm is causing him is that his friend Matthew was coming to "Folgers" to spend about 5 days with us (because in the life, sleepovers involve plane rides!).   He is worried about what they can do and if we will be able to fly back home on Friday.

Finally we were called back and we were greeted by Dr. Nico, and Dr. Teddy who had arranged the appointment.  Dr. Nico is a bit eccentric but in a fun way not in a creepy way. :)  But I am not kidding I bet he used the words, "Crack his arm" like 15 times in a row!  I was like, please can we use another word!!  Ouch!  His English was pretty good but he kept saying one word that I still have no idea what he was talking about, and really, this is not a time to just smile and nod when they are talking about putting your son under!  Thankfully Dr. Teddy walked us out and made sure we understood everything clearly.  So all in all, I felt very good about the care that Hudson was receiving.  If you remember what Barry went through in a "Macchiato" hospital then you understand that I have major apprehensions regarding national hospitals..

After removing the cast and observing his arm, it was very obvious that Hudson's bone was bowing out, or angulated, as the professionals say.  I guess since the bones of kids still have some elasticity, this is the problem with an incomplete fracture.  The Dr. said a complete fracture or break is actually better.  Well, leave it up to us to do it right! :)

As it stands now, Hudson will have the procedure to "re-crack" his arm and set it straight on Thursday before lunch.  They felt that waiting a few days would be fine and enable Hudson to complete his testing which is what we came to Jakarta for initially.  I am not sure he was so thrilled about that  but he has really been a trooper.

Thank you, we love you and appreciate all the love and concern so many of you have already poured out to us!

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