Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Since I found my camera.....

See....I told you it was a farm!! The setting is beautiful with a lake and rolling hills.

Campbell by an African hut in her classroom, they also had other "homes" to play in.

How they explain being a TCK to the children.

The sign that led to our section of Quads, we were in #5, far away on the end.

Our family right before our Comm. Service, it was so special!
I thought I had lost my camera for almost the whole time we were there until we found it two days before we left....in Haddon's backpack! I am still unsure as to whose fault that is, the crazy thing is that I am afraid I did it in the midst of the busyness!
I wish I could show you pics of so many wonderful families, but due to security reasons it is just not possible. It is crazy to think that our family now have friends on every major continent. (except Antarctica...but come on, does it really count?:)) I will try to post some more pics from the Creation Museum.

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