Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

I'm not sure this is the best post to start with but since it was the last picture it goes. Often here in "Machiatto" you get very excited when you see a western toilet. In case you don't they use something that we foreigners refer to as a "squatty potty". I have no idea what it's real name might be. Basically it is a ceramic hole in the ground usually with a grated tile on each side on which to place your feet. You then pour water from a conveniently placed bucket and flush it away. They also have this spray hose thing that is supposed to be used instead of toilet tissue but I am not even going there right now......I just don't get it!

Anyway, to the people here, wet means clean. Now to you and I, wet in a bathroom means something else entirely. We never think that it is just water, no, it is water and, we are sure, something else! So while you are excited to find a western toilet you are almost immediately dismayed to find that it is all, and I mean all, wet because they have cleaned it. Or you will find foot prints, wet foot prints, on the toilet seat because they are accustomed to squatting. Therein lies the reason for the sign. I am all for education!

This is just another glimpse into the areas of change that we are learning to embrace. So we always carry tissue and we love that they have signs to help people understand the concept! More to come............and after this one I'm sure you can't wait! Ha


marji said...

Oh Girl! We miss you! I love reading your blogs. Love Ya'll! (That is in case you forgot how to speak Okie!) :)

Zimms Zoo said...

Which re-enforces my thought that one should never ever touch a public toilet. EVER!!!

If a person actually comes in contact with one then they should sterilize that part with whatever means necessary. Lots of bleach comes to mind.

I almost intrigued by that concept of not touching the toilet. Maybe I will need to come see for myself.

mi familia said...

Now that is funny! I would like to see the expressions on their faces if they were able to walk into a men's room here in the states and see a urinal.

joan said...

we learned about the "squatty potty" at Camp this summer, from a short-term fellow "camper" who'd gone to Nepal :) if you look on my FB albums you'll see a pict. i'm sure it's like yours or at least similiar :)