Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Sad Day

As we arrived at school today we began our daily exercise of chatting about how we are doing. Everyday we are asked, "Apa kabar?", to which we usually reply, "baik baik saja", if we are good. Or "capai sedikit" if we are a little tired. We likewise asked our Pelatih how he was and instead of "good", he replied, "sedih". Then, when he says a word that he thinks we may not know yet, he says, "mengerti sedih?" (do you understand). When we say, "belum" (not yet) he says, "In Ingris (English) it means to be sad." So we said, "Mengapa sedih?" (Why are you sad) He informed us that another one of our Pelatihs, Pak "T", passed away earlier this morning. We never had a chance to have Pak "T" because he worked with the higher units, but he often spoke in chapel or played the guitar while the Pelatihs sang. In fact, a week ago it was Barry's turn to read from the Manual in chapel and he felt impressed to read Isa. fifty three : four through seven, and after that Pak "T" got up to speak and he said how he had not spoke to Barry about his topic but since they were of the same heart and Spirit, those verses went perfect with his message! He was a great teacher with a quiet, kind, and gentle spirit about him. His presence and smile will be greatly missed. I love that we will get to see him again one day and you who know the CEO will get to meet him!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a group of people can bond especially when they are "like-minded"! I already feel like the Pelatihs and the other students are my home away from home. There is such a sweet spirit in the school and every one of those Pelatihs have a kind graciousness to them, and they love the CEO, you can't help but like them!

Classes today stopped at 11 and every student and worker from our school carpooled over to Pak "T's" home for the viewing and to show our respect. I love that they did that, relationships take priority over everything in this country. Here they place the casket, large enough for a body, not big like ours, in the home and people come by, placing money as a gift to the family in a large ballot type box and visit the family. All the while neighbors set out chairs for the visitors to sit in out in the yard and offer you a cup of water while thanking you for coming. I ache for his wife and children. He was a widower who recently remarried in December. He was only 46 years old. Please talk to the CEO and intercede for his family and friends who are grieving.

So may this remind us to live each day as though it were our last because......it could be. What did you do today that mattered and will last through eternity? Something to ponder.

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