Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Present Darkness

Remember that book? Well I am no F. Perretti but in many ways things like that happen frequently over here. Ask almost any native here, it doesn't matter if they are "like-minded", M*sl*m, or any other manner of belief. Everyone has a story to tell. Stories of the "make your hair stand up on it's end" variety.

One thing you need to understand before I tell you this is that over here they are much more frequently involved with blatantly inviting this type of activity in their lives. People frequently use the services of a w*tch dr's at the first sign of trouble or when everything else seems to fail. I think it is for this very reason that there is so much more outward activity of this nature here than say the US. In the US, the enemy lulls us to sleep while we wear ourselves out with entertainment and the pursuit of the American dream, there really is not too much need for the "creep factor" because it's just not necessary. But over here where fear reigns supreme it is quite effective in keeping people afraid and literally at the mercy of the merciless.

Today Barry interviewed one of our Pelatihs (they are all like-minded) and asked for her to explain her experience with the sp*r*t world. She told of when she was a child and her father became severely sick with asthma. So on Sunday at their ch*rch they asked the "manager" to come over and he "lifted" him up, but there was no change. They visited several doctors, no change. Finally out of desperation and upon the advice of a friend they invited a w*tch dr over for help.

Now, they were a like-minded family, but over here the influence is so strong they often mix the two. When the w*tch dr. came he said her father had been cursed by someone and they needed to invite a sp*r*t who would watch over them and help her father heal. They said he could do that now.
While no one in her family ever saw it, the w*tch dr. proceeded to describe their new found protector and that he looked like a man with a beard who was wearing a headband. Well, despite this her father's condition did not improve and so they called their "manager" over again. He walked in and they told him what they had done. He looked around the house and asked who that was in the bed. They said no one was in the bed, but the "manager" said, "Yes there is, it's a man laying down and he has a headband on his head." No one else saw him. So immediately he "lifted" up the family and declared that there was no need for that man there, that the CEO was in charge of this family, He alone would protect them and that he should leave. And he did. The "manager" helped them to realize that they had s*nned and they immediately sought forgiveness from the CEO. Later they noticed their father getting ill whenever he entered and exited the house. It seems that the w*tch dr. had placed an amulet above the door which would invite this activity in their home on a continual basis. They removed it. Her father still struggled with his asthma but they never invited that type of activity again and it made a huge impression on her!
Between class and tutoring I am hearing similar stories over here all the time. And you really get the sense of how strong the enemy's hold is over here. He has no reason to hide or disguise, because the people do not doubt that he is real, just ask them. And for most the g*d they believe in is really no g*d at all. So instead of having true power which helps you to resist the enemy so he will flee, the problem comes when they try to appease him, invite him or just add him into the mix of everything else they w*rsh*p!

Now, why did I tell you this? So that you can have a good campfire spooky story? So you can read it and think...."Aww come on, that's not real!" No, it's none of those, it's so that you can more fully understand a tiny bit of what is faced over here and all that needs to be overcome if the truth is ever to reach their hearts and minds. This is cultural also, thousands of years of this practice is ingrained in their DNA. It is hard for them to NOT participate in these types of activities. So please lift up the work here. Lift up the people who have believed yet still struggle with letting go this part of their "culture", for those yet to believe, and for those who have come to tell. The job is big......but not impossible. The Manual tells me so!! In fact, I hear the field is white unto harvest, just looking for workers! :)

Because of the budget shortfall our island has been allotted "0" (zero, zilch, none, nada) spots to be filled in 2010!! This is for the largest unev. island in the world!! If you can't go then please give!!

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Karen said...

Thanks for the reminder of how strong the struggle is!!My day today is spent interviewing students for positions with the CEO to join you in the work the company does around the world. We've got some recruiting and fundraising to do! CEO said to tell you "hey and he thinks you are amazing! He's so proud!"