Friday, January 15, 2010

Machete Man.....Impressive

I am sitting on my bed when I hear a chopping sound, I thought they were cutting the jack fruit off of the jack fruit tree so I thought I'd go take some pics. Instead, he was actually cutting down the tree itself, by himself, with a machete. One limb at a time! He is in the middle of the pic!

This is from my upstairs balcony, it's a good 12 foot drop from here. Mind you he climbed the tree and is working barefoot!

Chopping his first limb!

Second limb!

Sitting down for this part!! :)

Standing again!

Trying to show you how high he is and how big this tree is!

Third limb!

Close up of the machete, not too big!

Fourth limb almost down!

Fifth limb!

Almost got the top, it's cracking!!


Here he is, rail level with my balcony, climbing back down. And how does he remove the rest of the tree? By using a chainsaw on the bottom!! :) Now would you believe me when I say this took a total of about ten minutes? Very impressive indeed!!

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