Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Living Life

A few pics of the kids having fun at Hudson's tennis lessons!
Any guess on who is wearing the racquet cover? :)
Apparently there is a great affection between she and it!!

Campbell checking out a racquet left on the stands.

Although it is a little cooler here now, children are seen wearing thick, furry hats like this even when it is really hot! But he does look adorable, and I also made my kids wear unbelievable embarrasing hats when they were little...too cute!

There she is! Notice the scarf.....she got all dolled up for his first lesson!

My camera will not take good pics in dark places but here is a shot of Hudson at his lesson!

This indoor court is a short walk from our house, we never knew it was there all crammed into a tiny kampung! We really like his coach, he is taking lessons with his friend Zech.

Not much from the outside but pretty nice inside! Great to have since 6 months of the year are the rainy season! The other kids wanted to take lessons too but all the slots were filled, however it looks like we might be able to have lesson on the other island. :)

Marshall with his latest catch.......a baby iguana! He was not very happy and if he would have had sharper teeth Marshall would have been in trouble!

Pretty cool that you can see iguanas just running around!

Nice mask! Haddon in her version of Barbie, "The Three Muskateers"!

Enjoying hot cocoa and marshmallows!!

This treat brought big smiles to their faces! We love Grandma's homemade hot chocolate!

Too many marshamallows in one little mouth!

First, we started into the 7th of our 9 units of school and are really enjoying that we are now getting to learn and retell passages from the Manual! That has been a nice change! We have only one paper due a week (YAY!!)! We have to read a novel....don't worry I chose an extremely thin "novel"!! :) Three times a week we interview our Pelatihs, then translate their answers, and 3 times we study a passage. So far so good! The tricky part is that one day a week we have to watch a movie, we get to listen to it three times to see if we can translate it correctly. Let be clear on this.....THIS IS PAINFUL!! It is torturously slow and extremely difficult. We are in the media room for an hour and cover maybe 10 minutes of film!! Anyway, it's that, and one day a week we have a discussion time about a newspaper article relating to Macchiato beliefs. All in all not too bad and MUCH better than translating lengthy pages and writing a paper over them daily!

Second, our team members came from "S" to visit us and it was wonderful! They are great people and we feel really blessed to be joining their team, they have been over here for like 20 years so they have been excellent resources for information and encouragement! Yay for us! The CEO has truly blessed us with this family! Please be lifting up the work there as it is a slow process, but they are seeing growth in the people they are working with. It has made us that much more excited to be out of school and onto the actual assignment at our next home!
Hope you all are well and enjoying your new year. Remember, the CEO loves you and so do we, thank you for lifting up our family!!


Zimms Zoo said...

You guys sure cram a lot in such a short amount of time. I love tennis so tell Hudson I will have to play him when he comes back for a visit.

Haddon's fashion choices are so awesome! They will be next year's new hat choice. Especially with the scarf.

ActionJackson said...

great pics!!