Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Can't" Never Did Do Anything

I heard these words all the time growing up from my parents, especially out of the mouth of my father *sigh* I miss him. But the other day as we were attempting to put together 5 beds that were in pieces and non too clearly marked, I found myself holding about 30 screws with an end that looked like a bubble with 4 small holes in them......and of course, I have no allen wrenches! :) So anyway here I am trying to figure what I can do to get these together because the last thing I want to do is go in search of a tool that I have no idea where to find or what it is called!

Then I remember that I put my handy dandy Home Depot Multi-Head Screwdriver in my purse and one of it's interchangeable heads is a tool that just might fit! So as I am putting the screws in (in case you are wondering where Barry was, he was having to hold the bed together while I placed the screws!) Marshall comes in and says, "Hey, I thought you couldn't put them together because you didn't have the right tool?" And then the next words out of my mouth were, "I remembered my screwdriver, sometimes you just always need to look for ways that you CAN, and stop looking for ways you CAN'T.", then lo and behold I remembered my father's words which I then repeated to my children, who then told me that was not good grammar!! :) Funny kids. Their favorite phrase to say during school is, "You know, I ain't got no grammar." to which Barry and I always reply, "Yes you do, you have two "grammar's" just no "grandpers"!" I know, we are dorks, but that is what makes our life so fun!

Okay, back to the topic at hand. As we are facing this new challenge in our life and the challenge of the work before us, the CEO reminded me that I need to keep that attitude in all my tasks, whether it is intentionally meeting new people, struggling with my new language, learning to cook with the ingredients I can find, homeschooling my children, enduring the heat, etc.

How many times a day does that happen? You know, when you are disciplining or instructing your kids on something and immediately you hear that same message being sent directly to your own heart in it's own personal application? YIKES, I hate that! Well, not really "hate" per se, but usually at the time I am not wanting to focus on my own actions!! And if for some reason you all are scratching your head saying, "That never happens to me, what is she talking about?" Don't tell me about it. I choose to believe that I am not a "lone, lonely, loner" in this!! (to quote Sid the Sloth, he totally cracks me up!)

Anyway.......I suppose that is the challenge which is set before all of us: Always look for ways you can, stop looking for ways that you can't! Of course this is written by the girl who became her husbands s*rmon illustration on how things need to be used for the purpose for which they were created, (all because I used a hockey puck to hammer nails in our first apartment) hey, it was what I had on hand and it got the job done, of course that puck never quite looked the same after that.....maybe he has a point! :) Lucky for me, this time the screwdriver saved the day and is none worse the wear.......well, at least that's my story and I am sticking to it! :)

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