Thursday, July 22, 2010

Movers and Shakers....literally

Picked the kids up from their last Day Camp at the International School and Marshall had to ride in the back with the boxes!

So....this is the truck that showed up to move our things to another city three hours away where reportedly all the furniture would be wrapped and packed for shipping in a closed container. I was not feeling confident at this point as this truck was suppose to be a closed container also. Let's just say things did not go according to plan and the workers were very rough with our things, then demanded a tip before they left, and really, how are you not going to tip them when they are about to drive off with everything you own? Wow..this was a real different experience!

It's funny when I think of all the times I saw trucks like these around the island and always wondered what they were carrying, never dreaming that my furniture would be one of those loads someday!

"So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly, Hills that is......." Seriously, all we needed was a rocking chair on top!! LOL My native friend asked if this was how we moved in America and laughed as I searched for words to respond!

It rained after they left....Murphy's Law....and I realized that I had to just let it go, that it was all out of my control at this point. We couldn't afford the $5000 fee of the professional movers so we went with what we could find. It really was an act of faith, I had to come to the point where you say it is only "things" and trust it to the CEO to protect and provide. Now we just hoped and prayed that not only would it arrive safely...but that it would arrive at all. We had things in writing from everyone involved about responsibility for lost or damaged goods but in the end we knew we would have little or no recourse if something were to happen to it, we were at their mercy. What a learning experience this has been!

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