Friday, July 30, 2010

Turning a House into a Home

Here are some pics of the "Skittles" house! We have now been in the house for four days and we are really enjoying it. So far so good!!

A banana tree in our backyard! We also have a palm tree with coconuts and a rambutan tree

Kids/Guests bathroom

The Master Bedroom

Marshall's room

Dining room

Dinning room entry into kitchen and living room

School room, like a screened in porch area....formerly a garage

Kitchen, complete with doors to Munchkin Land!! :)

Storage room off of kitchen, I saw Barry talking to our pembantu in here and had to take a picture....hysterical!!

Master bath, it too has a Munchkin door, Barry has to be careful in the middle of the night!

I love this view! From the kitchen/living room doorway looking into the dinning room

Another favorite! Our living room

Front door and "tamu" room, where we receive guests

Girls Bedroom

Hudson's room


Sonya said...

Wow the pictures are so fun!!! Your new place looks great!! And those doors ARE really small!! hehe how fun! It looks like a whole different world over there! I'm so glad you all are enjoying your time!! Although I don't know what a pembantu is...hehe

Zimms Zoo said...

Awesome! Love the colors. hehehe You can put your interior design degree (or is art or something) to work. I lOVE the dining room table and chairs. But also the school table. It looks like it has drawers for each kid! Can you bring it back for me when you are done?

Shannon said...

Love your home! Just wish we could visit! Fun to see where and how you live! Thinking of you tonight! Sick and can't sleep so lifting others up in my no rest moment! Love you!