Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eastbound....loaded up and truckin'.......

We made it to Arkansas after leaving a day later than we had planned. It was hard to leave my mom as I know life will really be different for her and she will be greatly missed by all of us. However she truly is surrounded by family and great friends who I know will be there for her, she is definitely blessed in that area!

We've had a great visit with Barry's mom although as usual it is too short. Barry helped her get things set up in preparation for our absence and we took her to shop at a mall in Louisiana where she took the kids to "Build a Bear". It was a great memory building moment with their Grandma Ruth as we also rode a two story carousel! We will stop by and see her again one more time when we return from the farm. It is so hard to imagine not seeing people for three years, I like "see ya' later" so much better than "goodbye", I know they are really the same but it just sounds better to me.

We are all excited to get to the farm and truly begin this process. I think the kids will have a great time although it may take a little getting used to being at "school" all day, they are not used to that, but they will get to go on field trips to International markets and restaurants, museums, etc. I think it will be a blast for them and they'll get to be exposed to some really cool things.

I think that 5:30am is going to come early so I better end this, we are hoping to make it to Knoxville tomorrow night (with the help of our little GPS friend we affectionately call, "Lampy")and be close to the farm by Sunday night. Please pray that we arrive safely and well. Also that our kids are not in complete zombie form from all the DS, PSP's, DVD's, CD's and whatever else they can electronically veg out on during this DRIVE. I used to stare out at cornfields or stars when I was their age on a long trip, my how things change!

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4littleindians said...

I am missin gyou guys already! I love to travel so your story is very neat! I hope you all are blessed in ways that we cannot fathom! God bless you.