Friday, January 30, 2009

A day in the life

Today was another long day of classes although we have our evening free tonight to work on some of the papers and projects that have been assigned. We receive work from classes at the farm plus regional assignments.

Today we talked about TCK (third culture kid) safety and policies regarding working with children, sadly in today's world we have to be cautious in our actions as well as watching out for our own children. It was a long, and hard to hear, kind of session.

On our way to lunch today we passed Campbell's class playing red light/green light as they walked back to class. Haddon was on one of the many playgrounds at recess and they were both having a blast. It was great to watch them be able to enjoy the sunshine with their new friends. Campbell's classroom has all these little buildings set up in the room that look just like miniature homes around the world with all kinds of dress up clothes and items from those countries, she loves it!

One adjustment we are having to make is walking everywhere, now I know there could be worse things but for Haddon in particular this is a "not so fun" activity. Our quad is at one of the extreme ends of the farm so we have a lengthy walk to school and an even further walk to the cafeteria, and in freezing rain at 7 in the morning it can be a test! However they really have adjusted getting them to learn to take their shoes off at the door is a whole other issue! They really try to help us get used to how most of the world lives and for our spoiled American selves it can seem like a nuisance. But we try to remember that it will be easier to transition some of those small things here then over there where our actions may offend someone.

The kids and Barry and I are having to do personal evaluation and then setting goals for our 8 weeks here. Pray for me.......I am NOT a goal oriented person and this is going to be a hard assignment. Somehow it just doesn't come easy. We are being stretched and refined to enable to do the work we have before us, tomorrow we have a personal retreat that I am really looking forward to and then a meeting with Hudson's teacher after school while the kids go to the Library.

I have more to say but the brain is shutting down, pardon the rambling I am just writing as the thoughts come.


Beth ; Larry said...

Hello from Oklahoma!
We have had you all in our thoughts and prayers the past few weeks as you were preparing for this journey. Now you are starting it,and we will continue to lift you up and follow your blog. We do hope to see you all when you get home, before you leave for the long adventure that awaits you. You are all an inspiration and we love you .
Beth & Larry & family

Amanda said...

Wow! This is so awesome! I am so incredibly excited for you!!!! What an experience of a lifetime! Adding you to our prayers - may God pour His blessings and provisions on you as you carry out Kingdom work!! Be blessed!

Amanda Patterson
(Laura (Evans) Trovinger's daughter