Monday, January 26, 2009

Looks like we made it......

We have survived!! I'm not sure how it all figures out with the changing of time zones but we were in the car almost 14 hours yesterday. 14 HOURS. That my friends is too long to ride in a loaded down vehicle with 4 kids. They really did great and after a few timely (and very funny) sarcastic comments from their mother :) they quit asking, "Are we there yet?".

Knoxville was our stop last night and on the way we passed Leeland MS, home to Jim Henson, who knew? They even have a little museum dedicated to him, we stopped as it was on our path but it was too early and wasn't opened yet. If you are from there I apologize if this offends you but MS is ugly and the worst part of our drive, nothing but flat land and offensive gambling billboards. Getting to TN was like a breath of fresh air!

The scenery in TN and VA has been absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills, the Cumberland Gap, and the Appalachian Mountains all surrounding the quaint colonial architecture in this part of the country. It's like driving in a postcard.

We rolled into our destination in VA tonight with a little extra time to let the kids burn off some energy in the pool, while Barry and I melted in the hot tub.......thank you God for hot tubs........we are feeling old after this long drive! We are able to have a late check out and are planning on sleeping in before we check into the farm after lunch.

Please pray that we will learn all that we need to to accomplish our job, that we will be willing to dig deep and chip away anything that will hinder our work. We will start orientation on Wednesday. Let the fun begin!

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mom2many said...

Thank you for your comment...Your Charles Spurgeon quote is also a song and it is one that I have been reminded of frequently in the past few weeks! As a matter of fact, I am reading his book in prayer right now! This whole "faith" thing is amazing. I can't wait to see how He allows our story to play out and I am also anxious to hear about how He uses your precious family! Praying for you all!