Thursday, January 29, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto

Wow!! I don't even know where to start this blog. We officially began our program today and it has literally been non stop since 5:30 this morning. We have to be at breakfast from 7 to 8. After that we take the kids to school and have 10 minutes to be in our class. We have classes of varying types (usually with a mother load of information) until noon where we have lunch until 1. Classes then resume until about 4 with dinner from 5-6. Then in some cases like tonight we meet with our regional leaders from 6-7:30.

It has been wonderful and at times overwhelming. Barry and I were chosen along with a few others to be Small Group Facilitators which adds a bit more responsibility on our plate along with a "job" that we are required to sign up and do in our 8 weeks here.

The kids were so excited about school once they got to go see their rooms and meet their teachers. Campbell wanted to know why they had to wait until morning to go! Her teacher actually worked with the company in our assignment location so she will be able to tell her a lot about our area. Marshall has seven kids in his class ranging from 12 to 15, he is very excited about all the projects they will be doing, especially the Power Point presentation they get to make. Hudson is in a class of 16 third and fourth graders and he gets to make some pretty cool cultural projects. Haddon.......well Haddon has come into her own. I think she knows more people here than we do, she makes the rounds to all the tables after our meals, it's a riot! She really likes her school and already has a best friend "L" who will be going to Austria.

The rooms are nice but simple and sparse, all of our quad mates are moving to the same region so it is nice to get to know them! They kids are adjusting to no tv. Oh, and before I forget, I just found out today that they all have to get their blood drawn again because they need to know their blood type and it was left off the last time!!!! I can't believe it! I told the kids they would be getting more shots but also told them no more blood being drawn...YIKES!! It happened to several of the kids and as you can imagine they were disappointed. Please pray that it goes better than the last time!

Well, it is about time to eat, I will try to update further with some details of what all we will be doing as far as our classes and assignments. I can't wait to see all that God does in our lives while we are here!!

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