Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ping vs. Pong part III "The Championship"

"D" and I after the game
"J" and one of our Pelatihs "A"
Notice how Campbell is not even opening her mouth and how easily Hudson could take a bite if he wanted to!! :)

When it was all said and done.......I won the championship in the women's bracket!! "D" and I were about at the same playing level but I was able to win both games to take the title!! We had so much fun, it was a great stress reliever since we played our games during our 20 minute break between our four hours of classes. Thanks for all of the encouraging notes and emails, it was fun to share this with my friends from all over the world. You guys crack me up! Apparently we all have a little bit of competitiveness in us!! :) Katrina, thanks for all of the Wii tennis practice.....I think it helped! :) Sorry, had trouble loading it so no video!!
In the men's bracket the Australian, "J", also won both games over the Pelatih. Again, wow, were they good! Friday evening we celebrated Independence day with a flag raising ceremony and singing. All of the language families came and we had a great time of fellowship. Many of the children go to school together at the International school so they enjoyed seeing their friends outside of class. The Pelatihs presented us with a framed certificate of our win and also gave one to the male student soccer team who also won over the Pelatihs and security guards!
Now about these game, as you can see from the pictures, was trying to be the first one to eat the snack off of the string, while they snapped the string they were hanging from!! But, let me tell you, these are called shrimp crackers and I am not lying when I say they taste a lot like Styrofoam! At best they are similar to a rice cake, which I am not real fond of either, I guess I just prefer to eat things that don't remind me of cups at a fellowship!! :P The lady who won wasn't sure whether she was proud or embarrassed of the win! The next game involved hanging a gourd around your waist from your back and trying to navigate it without hands to hit a ball across the finish line! Needless to say.....I didn't win in either of these games which I actually find comfort in! Barry was unable to play that game because they didn't have string cut long enough, not that he was complaining!! Hahaha When my kids played they were cracking us up because they took one bite of the snack and their faces said it all.........after that they were totally faking like they were playing, they were not about to take another bit of that cracker!! We ended the evening sharing a meal together. It was a great evening and we feel very blessed to be in this school with these Pelatihs and these students. We will certainly miss them next year when we move from this island.
On a side note, Marshall has joined the school's soccer team. He is really excited about it and so far has put in the long hours of practice after school with no complaints! He is not in most of the pictures because he came later after practice. Everyone is still enjoying school, so thanks once again for all of the talks to the CEO, they truly make a difference!! Have a great weekend!!


joan said...

Congratulations, Justine! as usual, loved your blog!

miss ya!

love and prayers, joan and family

Zimms Zoo said...

Can't wait to see how handsome Marshall is in his soccer uniform. Monkey has told everyone that he is playing and can't wait to start she feels like they are playing at the same time.

So nice to "see" you! Can't to do it again sometime.

Tell Marshall that Brown Bear is building a fort for his birthday. It will be 8 ft off the ground. We will send pics.