Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ping vs. Pong

Okay, so here is the update on the Ping Pong Tournament (for you in particular...Fraulein Christina!:))
Barry played on Friday, and while his efforts were valiant, he could not overcome the former student m*n*ster! I know, I know, he used to be one too, but give him a break, it's been awhile!! :)
I played my game this morning during our break and when "R" came out of the office to play she said she was scared! I'm like, you're scared? No way, I am scared of playing you!! So off we go to play two sets of 10 points. Well, not to toot my own horn but........I won!! Can you believe it? I haven't played in forever. However, we did own a ping pong table growing up, in fact, my dad came to know the CEO while playing with a P*st*r, hey, you do what you've got to do to share right?
Tomorrow I will play a lady from Holland, Barry says I can take her easily....hahahha.....we'll see!
I will also try to post pictures from the Independence Day celebration. It was much more low key than what we were expecting. We had a ceremony which included singing the national anthem, a telling of how they earned their independence and sharing food together, all in all we had a good time.


Zimms Zoo said...

Way to go! I haven't ever really played ping-pong so I am sure you could take me.

Did the guy Barry was playing have dredlocks? It looks like in the video. Maybe that is what gave him the edge!haha

joan said...

congratulations on winning your ping-pong game...i knew you could do it! (LOL)

Christina said...

Oh yah, baby! You go! You can and will take this girl from Holland! Do it for all of us ... do it for your country ... do it for our CEO ... whip the pants off her ... show her who's boss ... show her pretty girls can play serious ping pong ... show her who put the ping in pong ... make her cry! I had to wait awhile before writing this ... I just finished a movie about the US Hockey team playing/winning over the Russian team. I hope it didn't rub off in my enouragement to you to beat the pants off this HOlland girl ... the whimp!