Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ping vs.Pong part II

Well, let me tell you.......she put up a fight!! We play two games to ten and you have to win by two points. I won the first game, by one point. She won the second game, by one point. I won the third one point!! So we go into deuces ten times!! Finally......I won!!

She must have been holding back on the Korean lady that she played earlier because I wasn't expecting it to be all that difficult. So now I am playing in the championship tomorrow, and you'll never guess who my opponent will be..........she is an Okie!! What are the odds? We beat out the Asians, the Koreans, the Dutch and it comes down to two girls from Oklahoma! "D" grew up overseas but her parents are from OK and that is where she went when they visited the States. Neither of us have seen each other play so I have no idea what I am in for! The men's final will be played by a Pelatih and an Australian student, and let me just say, I am thankful I am not playing this Pelatih, he is crazy fast and very good at the game!
Our school is hosting it's own Independence Day celebration tomorrow for all of the language students and their families so I will have pictures from that to post tomorrow, it sounds like a lot of fun!


joan said...

congratulations! keep winning!

Christina said...

Oh yeah ... we Okie girl can kick some international booty! I'm so proud (tearing up) ...