Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Man in the Making

Willing to branch out and try new dishes and drinks! He loves Mei Goreng (fried noodles) and although they like the coconut drink, the novelty is in the "cup"!

We discovered these ice cream sandwiches on the Fourth of July!
Doing the famous Michael Jordan pose as he jumps in the pool!

Where did the years go? Almost 13 and entering 7th Grade!
There has been quite a discussion around our house lately on what it means to be grown up, to be a man, and thereby earn more freedoms. So in honor of that, I am devoting this post to a few thoughts on this topic. Certainly I am no expert on raising teens. Even after being in Student M*n*stry for about 15 years, we are only now about to enter the territory of having one of our own. However, armed with the wisdom of the Manual, and having watched many of those who have walked this road before us (some by wisdom and others by folly), we will boldly tackle this phase........hopefully with lots of love and laughter on the way!
Here are a few books that I recommend:
Do Hard Things by Alex and Bret Harris
Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz
Created for Work by Bob Schultz
Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo
Not an exhaustive list for sure but enough to get you started! Here is an excerpt from Boyhood and Beyond:
"There is not a set day when you become a man. It's not a
matter of age. Manhood is built within you little by little. Each
time you accept one of life's responsibilities as your own, you take a step
toward manhood.
When you begin to see the needs of others and feel the urge to
meet those needs, you're becoming a man. When you develop a useful skill,
gain wisdom, or protect someone that is weak, you are moving toward your
life purpose. Every time you act the way "the CEO" would act
toward those around you, you fulfill His hope for you. You are living like a man.
Developing in manhood is a process. It comes with small
daily choices. Every time you obey "the CEO" instead of your own
selfish desire, you're growing in manhood. Whenever you give up your
comfort to bring comfort to another, you're changing from a boy to a man.
Though it is a process, you have the opportunities today to advance toward the
goal. You can be more of a man today than you were yesterday and farther
along tomorrow than today. It's your decision. Regardless of your
age, you can still begin to act like a man in the areas
you understand."
I also gave Marshall , Do Hard Things to read right before he started school this year because I knew this year has been and will continue to be difficult for him. He left everything he has ever known, all of his friends and family, and began attending a private international school for Jr. High. He has done really well considering, but we are very mindful that this is a critical age for him to be making so many changes. As we had hoped, he has taken to the book and has even taken the time to send the authors an email! We also purchased him a "Warrior of El Shaddai" ring as a reminder of who he is, and how he is called to be different.
All of his life he has never had a teacher who did not comment on how there was something special about him. I don't know what the CEO has for his future but I do know what He expects of us as his parents and please lift up that we will be found faithful!


Anonymous said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Your children are so blessed! Will speak to the CEO about this as well.

MyShannonigans said...

We shall definitely keep lifting you guys up! Teen years are fun, hard, emotional, and full of life! We are entering it with teen #4 let the challenges begin. I do believe those challenges are there to grow them into standing on their own feet with the CEO. I am anxious to check into the book you recommended and quoted. I have not heard about that one but definitely agree! Mostly that becoming a man starts many years earlier than we think. WE have a world that doesn't challenge these boys to step up sooner. Just look at your guy....can't you already see he has taken those steps to manhood!

Zimms Zoo said...

What a wonderful post. I know right where you are. Brown Bear has become my resident handyman. The other day, after a scary little incident with a crazy druggie bleeding on our front porch, I asked him to look at the screen door lock because it has never worked. He figured out exactly what was wrong and fixed it with no problem.
He is becoming more helpful (if it involves power tools) and desires to protect his sisters.

I will be getting that book for him. I can't wait to take a look at it too.

Marshall, you look so nice. And so mature and strong. I am so happy that you are a "warrior" and fight with a willing heart.

Christina said...

Oh my, just anohter reason why I want to arrange a marriage! Ha ... but not really ha ... I'm totally serious! You are prayed for ... as well as Marshall and all your children. You are all loved so ... so ... so much!