Saturday, October 2, 2010

Water: The Bad.....

(Might want to start with "Water: The Good" if you haven't read it yet)
Later that evening after supper we had a horrendous rain storm. I can't remember if I told you this already or not, but it rains harder here than I have ever seen in my life and that night it felt like our house was underneath Niagara Falls. It was loud and constant for about 2 hours.
After it had stopped we got a text from the Sanders asking if we had flooded because all three of the other family's homes in our city had! Well, thankfully we had no flooding but we began to seek out how we could help the others and decided to go to the Whitakers home and pick up their little girls to spend the night. They are another new family who moved just after us, and they had been told that the house didn't flood...oops! And the Sanders have lived here ten years and this is only the second time that they have been flooded, it was awful! The third home had a wet vac which helped keep their flood to a minimum thank goodness. Here are a few pics of the Whitakers home, they were able to borrow the wet vac and that helped tremendously, while the Sanders spent all night sweeping their water out! Please have conversations that ask for the flood waters to be held back from them! As you will see, the devastation was not limited to them:

This was a large wet vac and D emptied it out about ten times in the hour we were there and we were still standing in ankle deep water! Notice how dirty that water is...ugh!

Their kitchen where you can see some of the debris that flooded in with the water. They had been out getting groceries and came home to find this! There rugs, flip flops and the girls inflatable chairs were floating all around! Can you imagine?

Those little girls are pretty tough and much to their parents chagrin were all about having a blast in new home/bathtub they had! too cute!!

Four very happy little girls ready to settle in for the night...RIGHT! They were all so keyed up they played for a while even though it was almost midnight when we got them together, but they sure had fun!

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