Monday, October 11, 2010

What Was I Thinking?

I LOVE Fall. That being said, it is ridiculous how much of my fall decorating items I did not bring over here. I mean very little. My mom sent me some things last Fall so that helps but I really am lacking in this area. So going through "Fall" in a country that has no Fall, therefore, no Fall decorations, has been a little depressing.

Okay, remember when I said that I couldn't believe some of the stuff I packed in our crate and why I didn't pack others? Here is a most vivid example of how I was NOT thinking when I went through this process. Did I pack my beautiful set of resin pumpkins that had words from the Manual about giving thanks carved into them? No. I am moving into a M*sl*m country so I pack the Precious Moments turkey that is holding a sign to "Eat Ham"!! Seriously? I couldn't make this stuff up people!! If you don't laugh you will cry.....and it is pretty funny in a sad pathetic kind of way!! LOL


rocky said...

I like the turkey. :)

The Gereckes said...

hilarious! I feel your pain...although this tops my stuff I think...this is too funny. well...enjoy this "fall" decoration :)

The van Rensburgs said...

Hahahaha Oh that's too funny! I also wish I'd have brought more fall stuff. I did find pumpkin spice candles (walmart brand:) at the new Ace in Semarang today! But what I wouldnt give for a glass of hot apple cider:)