Saturday, October 2, 2010

Water: The Good.....

So a week ago last Friday, we went over to the Sander's home to help S clean out his water tank. This is something that their children did when they were smaller and so he asked if the boys might be willing to help him.....not only were they willing, they were thrilled to be asked! And as you might note from the pics, we had one little girl who was really wishing she was in the middle of it, literally! :) So the water was stopped and then mostly drained with some left in so they could scrub the gunk off the insides. It took a couple of hours but they got it done and S said they did a great job, he even paid them 50,000 rp ($5) for it! The boys were so excited!

Campbell watching while S gave the boys instructions.

Haddon wanted no part of that whole tank business but slowly came to work on overcoming her fear of dogs, looks like she made a new friend in Rocky!

Campbell, who used to be deathly afraid of dogs was quite content patting Red! She has come a LONG way! Tiny dogs used to send her screaming in terror!

Hudson in and Marshall waiting his turn!

In goes Marshall, he is now a good 3-4 inches taller than me...who told him he could do that?

S took this shot for me, two boys in a tank ready to scrub! Isn't that hysterical?

Scrubbing away on the inside of the tank!

Hudson, taking a breather and Campbell getting as close to the action as she can!

Emptying buckets of water out of the tank, as they cleaned!

Two tired boys, finished, drenched, and happy to help out a family who have become so dear to our hearts!! The CEO has been so good to us by giving us such loving people to be with while we are away from our own family!!

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