Saturday, October 2, 2010

Water: The Ugly

(If you haven't started with "Water: the Good", you may want to begin at that post)

Well, these pictures are hard to look at, no wonder most of these homes and businesses have very little that seems nice or clean. Can you even imagine having to deal with this in your home or work on a regular basis? Life here is so hard for them, it just breaks your heart.

This was the street leading to the Whitaker home the night of the flooding!

Four days later when Barry was taking me to the Sanders before I flew to my retreat, it had poured all night long and into the morning when we were to leave...I think the geese should have been a sign of what was to come!

As we turned from our house and approached the main road we began to see what we were going to have to drive through! All of these homes and businesses had been flooded out previously also!

Notice the old ladder, they had placed several of these markers in the road to warn drivers of large holes.
Just so very sad to see, there were no wet vacs to be used here, you just have to wait for the water to go down, with rainy season just starting I think this is only the beginning for them!

This is a carpenter's shop by our home.

Another local business, I think they do wood and iron works!

Here is a type of mini-mart (Called a "warung" *wah-roong*) almost every home has something to sell. Poor little girl, but she was sure having fun!

A local car wash business

Continue your talks to the CEO that they will experience and know their One True Hope!!

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