Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Countdown Begins...10..9....

I can't believe it, a week and a half left! Everyone here is SO tired and have kind of a "senioritus" (sp? is that even a word?)feeling. We are all ready to move on to the next phase, and yet in a way a bit apprehensive at all the changes we are about to face. RLT week went great and so did our Exit Interview. He was very positive and encouraging (I can't say those words together without thinking of "KLOVE"!) Anyway, we have an Exit Paper due on Monday and we will take a ev. trip to D.C. on Thursday where we are to ride the subway, eat at a restaurant from our country and I think we are also going to visit our host country's embassy.

By the way I have decided to call our country "Macchiato" so that I can easily refer to it. I thought that would be fun since it is known for it's coffee. Then when I get there I will assign coffee names to individuals that we work with so that you will be able to keep up with what is going on there. Who knows, maybe it will help you when you order at Starbuck's next time! :)

Marshall's class went to see several different places of worship and got to attend a service at a mosq. Afterwards they were given the chance to ask the Ima. questions, of which apparently he asked alot! Go Marshall!! He said he found it very sad and he felt like crying, I told him to remember that feeling, there is a reason we are going to the other side of the globe......

Please continue to pray for us and also remember a lady here who lost her baby at 20weeks and another older woman who is blind in one eye and then had to have emergency surgery because the retina detached in the other. Obedience to the CEO doesn't always protect us, but it does mean that He is always there with us in the midst of the muddy waters. Also one of our j-men had to fly out for a few days as his grandfather is about to pass. Lots going on here as I know there is in your own lives, know that we are praying for you all back home as well.

There is a Comm. service on March 25th, and special things are planned through out that day, if you can make it, you are invited! Just email me or leave a comment and I can give you the info.

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Zimms Zoo said...

We can't wait to see you guys! What a sensitive heart Marshall has.