Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Weeks Update

Well, a lot has happened since I last blogged. We were asked to speak at a church's RA/GA program a week ago and that was fun. But we picked four songs they had never heard of to sing with them, oops! We took "our" j-man and another one we "adopted" and shared about our countries and our lives with them. Each of my kids spoke as well, which was a great experience for them.

A week ago Thursday we were in DC for our ev. trip. Our assignmnet included a list of things to do or observe, one was to ride the subway, which the kids loved! We visited Macchiato's embassy and got a tour and also met the Vice Ambassador. We also ate at a restaurant that served authentic Macchiato food. We ordered four dishes to share as a family, two we loved, one was not bad and the last one....well, we're not used to it yet! And the crazy thing was everyone of the waiters were from that country and were followers of the Son! I thought it was a little gift from the CEO to let us know that He is already at work, and we get to join Him.

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Zimms Zoo said...

That is so neat. We eagerly look foward to hearing about your goings on when you arrive at your new destination.