Monday, March 9, 2009


They literally have an acronym for everything here! It's crazy and since I am too tired to think of a clever title I just thought I would throw some of those out at you.

We survived Contingency training but came out pretty exhausted. Much of our training centered around what the Burnham's faced in the Philippines. The book called "In the Presence of my Enemies" tells their story and is one reason why they do this for us.

It has been one week since our big snow and the last couple of days we have not even had to wear coats, it has been beautiful! I think the snow was one last "Hurrah!" from God since he knows we are leaving season's behind. We took it as a blessing and thanked Him for it.

Classes lately have been pointed to specifics on planting businesses. This week we have RLT week where we deal with our region and assignments. We have just finished giving our country report like a news broadcast. It was alot of fun and after lunch we will listen to the team from Japan.

The children had school on Saturday, since we had classes all day, and they had what they call "Airport Day". By that you might think that they took them to the airport but actually they use another building to similate an airport with both customs and immigration. They had to bring their luggage and their "passport" and were also given a certain amount of money. Older siblings were required to care for their younger siblings, sometimes even a few extra! When I ran into Marshall after lunch both he and Hudson said they were exhausted, going through the "airport" had worn them out!! They had to do everything form checking bags, ticketing, going through security and waiting to be let on the plane. One kid was joking around that he had a gun and they refused to let him on the flight(a valuable lesson I hope!). The teachers (and others) sometimes stole luggage or money and even younger siblings, they were sneaky. Campbell had her passport stolen and Marshall had to end up paying a bribe to get it back, isn't that hysterical? All water and snacks cost $5 a piece, just like a real airport :). Then they debriefed (another favorite term around here) them and told them why it was important for them to stay with their parents at all times and why the older kids should help with the younger ones, etc. I definitely think my kids will look at traveling on planes different from now on! Fortunately, Marshall didn't lose any of his sibling's and he even had one extra! We also were given a DVD that shows age appropriate situations and how to help our kids learn to handle them by obeying, staying quiet, or listening and being observant. Again, I love the training they give the kids here! Time to get back to class!

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Cindy said...

Wow, now that's the kind of school that is practical for living! LOL! I hope you all are doing well! When will your training end?