Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Soccer Game

Is that a Precious Moment profile or what? Pretty sure he wouldn't appreciate that, but it's true! :)
Dribbling the ball before the other team arrived.

Random shots, I didn't know the camera was about to die!

The Eagles, right before the game starts.

The opponents, they are a club team, not from a school.

Okay so I get this close up of the other team and then my battery goes dead!! I could not believe it! I didn't even get a really good one of our team! Oh well, next time!
Although I don't know the score for the other team (it was a lot), we scored two goals which was in itself quite an accomplishment. Not that I have vast soccer experience that I can make comparisons, but these guys came out doing precision drills in synchronized movements that were amazing! Barry and I took one look at each other and we were like, "Yikes!", and knew right then and there what the result was going to be!
However, Marshall had fun and got to play at least half of the game. There were some girls from our company dorm who stayed and watched with us, they kept things quite entertaining! :) All in all a good day!
I have some good......well.....interesting blog posts coming soon about some discussions we have had regarding local beliefs that I will try to share next week while we have a break, before moving to Unit 4.....assuming we pass our evaluation on Tuesday! (Gulp!)
Miss you all more than you know, but sticking with the call!!!!!

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Zimms Zoo said...

Monkey says that she thought the pics were really cool. She likes the uniform too. Her team is almost always blue too.

Hey precision drills aren't everything right? So far we haven't played any teams where we were blown away but I am sure it is coming. :p