Friday, October 23, 2009

"How Much is that Doggie in the Window"

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Again, one of millions! These little stands are everywhere, and that is the dreaded Durian hanging on the sides! :(

One of the many different types of pizzas here, today I saw a "Mayo and Mango" pizza commercial from Pizza Hut!

May not look appetizing, but it's yummy! :)

So..if you think this is about us getting a cute puppy, it's not. If you think this is about a cute dog that the kids are begging for, it's not. This is your fair warning to slowly back away from this post before .........well, before things get ugly.

It all started with a tutoring session. Sounds simple and easy enough. Talk a little, learn some new vocabulary, laugh at mistakes then in an hour it's all done. Except this Wednesday the conversation took a turn to another topic. Food.

So we talk about what types of "Macchiato" foods I have tried and she begins to mention things, that quite frankly, I didn't even know they sold least not in our little city. So she asks Campbell to go out to her motorcycle and bring her the bag hanging from her handle bars. When Campbell brings it in, "M" opens it and proceeds to show me the supper she has bought for her family, which they will eat with their rice. She pulls out cow liver (gag!), cow intestines (feeling a little throw up in the back of the throat), and congealed steamed cow blood (passing out!)!!!!!

Awkward situation here, I am repulsed by what she has lovingly purchased to feed her family!! Fortunately for me, she is used to Westerners and just laughed at my reaction. But she kept saying I must try it sometime, that it is "enak sekali" or very good! Ya, well, not today lady, maybe, maybe if it the last food left on earth.........and even then Heaven will be sounding pretty good! :)

Now onto the title. Campbell and Haddon come over to see what she is showing us. Kids do not hide their reactions well......FUNNY!!! Then she tells Campbell that just last weekend she and Campbell's teacher (a single American woman) went and ate DOG.....cause they like it! Campbell was mortified and said, But Miss "S" loves dogs!" to which Barry replies, "Well, she loves them in more ways than one!" ACK!!!! So anyway, just a peek into our screened and always open windows!! Makes you want to come visit doesn't it? :)

Lastly, I wish I had a picture of this so that you could see it, but as we were driving the kids home from school today before lunch (they had a half day), I looked into this large open building where all the trash is dumped. Yes, it is incredibly nasty, but shockingly every week it is cleaned before being refilled. Today as we drove by I saw a lady sitting in the trash pile. She was eating things she found as she rummaged through the filth.

Well, the CEO has a way of putting things in perspective for us doesn't he? So pardon me, I need to go rub my toes that got stepped on, they hurt!
HEADS UP: My tutor is taking the girls out by herself for them to try new foods Saturday afternoon......should be a funny blog coming soon! :)


The Gereckes said...

I'm with you on thinking "gross and more gross" about the food you described...but then I guess that means my toes are being stepped on too...I guess that food would be better than rummaging through trash. It's so sad. And I complain about all the fish they serve here. Man am I spoiled :( Thanks for some perspective. Hope the girls will be "safe" from having to try dog Saturday :)

mi familia said...

We went on a trip to the east in 04 and our team was separated (thankfully). Our half of the team went into the mountains to various villages. The other team were the guests of honor. Of course as you can guess, the guests of honor are always served the very best... and they were. They had a tasty bowl of dog. Most of them didnt even know it was dog and were commenting on how delicious it was, until one of the ladies turned a hunk of meat over that was in her bowl and discovered it was a dog snout! LOL!!!

Zimms Zoo said...

I had a pretty good idea what the post was going to be about.

I must say that there are many things that make living in America sound so much better.

Sonya Kim said...

woww interesting stories! thanks for sharing! hehe you guys are living a diff life than i am here...except the ppl here are good at putting on appearances so mb there is dog around here...they eat whale here though for sure, there is a restaurant down my neighborhood! anyways i love your pictures! i can hear your great laughter in the background as i read! i miss your girls! and your boys! lol :) and you two parents! hehehe!

The Woods Family said...

They eat dog here too! We found a house behind our complex that raise and sales the kind of dogs they eat here in Korea.My kids want to rescue them. We think they are too cute. My friends tell me they only eat the big ugly ones. We are talking to our daddy about you all. Love the Woods