Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pic's from Hudson's Birthday

Nothing says Happy Birthday like breakfast rolls! :)

A new Manchester United Jersey (soccer) and dessert at The Bizztro!

Hudson and "Z" at the pool, every picture I took looked like they were dancing since they were wrestling in the pool! So I posted the still shot! :)

"Z" gave Hudson a pocket tool/knife gizmo that he loves!!

About to open gifts with the family! And yes, if you are wondering, we did find Legos, although for the price I thought for sure they would be pure gold bricks! :)

We went to a beautiful local pool with Hudson's teacher's family. Mr. B has a son in the class and "Z" and Hudson have become good friends. They also have a daughter a year older than Campbell and another younger son so fun was had by all!! Our pembantu (cook) made him cinnamon rolls on his actual birthday and then made (beef) bacon, egg, and cheese rolls for breakfast on Saturday. (which is what we put his candles in!:)) I still have not figured out how to make a cake here that actually tastes good and doesn't outweigh the family, so I made him a big chocolate chip cookie (with my last chocolate chips....not a hint ;)....I'm just saying :) to share with his class. On Saturday we went to the Bizztro where he was given free ice cream and also ordered a hamburger, onion rings and a piece of cheesecake. He really had fun but was also a little homesick, special days have been a little bittersweet.
While on break this week I plan to post some interesting things about the culture that we learned this Unit! Stay tuned!! Also please pray for our evaluations tomorrow.....you know the drill, lie prostrate and fast all day! We don't want a repeat of the last evaluation!! Hahahaaaa


Shannonigans said...

I love your post! I think almost everyone I cry! They are joyful, inviting, and I see how all your needs are being met but wouldn't it be nice to jump home for a day and then return back to your other home:D Love you guys!!!!

The Zookeeper said...

Happy Birthday Husdon! Those 2 ones looked awesome on your cinnamon rolls.

When I come visit you then you need to teach me how to surf. I am going to buy the book "Surfing for chickens" so I will be all ready! hehe