Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wow! What a Week!

There's a new one in town, and it's a biggie!!

As most of you know, unless you have been hiding, this week this part of the world has faced many natural disasters. We appreciate all of the concern many of you have expressed by contacting us by email, FB, Skype, and even calls to my mother! The CEO has been gracious to us, we are fine but we ask you to please be lifting up the people affected, many died having never heard the truth.

These disasters are terrible wherever they occur, but over here there don't have the heavy machinery, quality materials, and resources like we have in America. For instance in our city, except for the largest of buildings, they construct bamboo scaffolding!! Seriously! And the concrete usually doesn't have rebar (sp?) in it. Often they take chunks of rock and stick them together with a sandy concrete that they make on site (no cement trucks). So you can imagine why there is so much damage when earthquakes occur like in Padang, the buildings just crumble! We fear the death count will go much higher as thousands are still missing.

I urge you to give as the CEO leads to LMO or your local B*pt*st relief effort, such as the BGCO, in Oklahoma. Already teams from OK and South Carolina are on their way to provide help. (If you need help with acronyms email me at

I have many more blogs coming but my time has been greatly reduced due to essay writing, but I am seeing progress! My Pelatih said I need to have more faith in myself, he was very kind and I realized maybe, just maybe, I was freaking for no reason...surely not?! :D I'm always so stable! Haha

Thanks for lifting us up, we consider you partners in the work! FYI- Last night I saw the largets coackroach I have EVER seen, yes, in my home! ACKK!! Joan, it rivaled the "Hissing Madagascar Cockroach" that the man decided to place on my shirt on the field trip a couple of years ago!! Disgusting!!


Christina said...

OK, so I've been hiding! I didn't realize the earthquake was in your backdoor. Some friend I am ... I guess I've just been too busy taking foot shots! Just wanted to let you know I love you more as a sister all the time. I'm thinking it's just something our CEO has put inside me for you ... and of course your precious family. Tell all we say hello ... you are loved and PPPP for .... Christina

joan said...

oh my (re. the cockroach)!!!
i can't imagine one bigger than that one!!!