Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Princess and the Pedagang Kaki Lima

In front of our home
Campbell went and ordered ten "Kue Putih"(Kue-ay Poo-tee)

They are rice cakes (not the tasteless American kind) steamed in bamboo tubes!

He pushes them out of the tubes, the brown is palm sugar!

Next he sprinkles sugar and fresh coconut on top! (Green was new to us, but they tasted the same!)

He then wraps them in paper and gives them to you! All in front of our house!

I thought you all might enjoy seeing what is a daily thing here in "Macchiato", that is the "Pedagang" or "trader". They walk up and down the streets all day, or pay to have a regular spot on the side of the road and sell their goods which is usually, bakso (meatball soup- no, I haven't had it, can't take the smell, but I hear it is good:)), kue putih (rice cakes), lumpia (kind of like a spring roll but often with sweet potato, I prefer the cabbage ones), etc.

Each type of food has a special type of call, like a whistle, prerecorded tune, or flute music. We haven't figured them all out yet but my kids have the ice cream man sound down pat! :) Barry loves these little rice cakes but hasn't been able to find the guy or has missed him when he has been down our street...until yesterday.

We were in the middle of a tutoring session when we heard this strange humming sound. We realized it was a kaki lima (five legs). He them saw the little bamboo tubes and politely excuses himself to ask Campbell to stop the trader and make a purchase, which she gladly did because she loves them also!

So little Miss goes out there and orders ten, for Rp.500 (US 50 cents) and waits patiently for him to get them all made, paid for them, and then we shared them with our tutor! They are pretty tasty and I'm not really a big fan of fresh flaked coconut.....but I am learning to be! :) To make them he puts steamed rice in the tube, a spoonful of palm sugar, them more rice on top and lets them steam! Sweet and simple!

Here is a little fact for you: Most of the "Macchiato" people do not cook or sit down and have family meals together at home. usually everyone purchase from these traders or they are traders and eat what they make. To them you have not had a "real" meal if it doesn't include rice. Once a waiter at a restaurant came back to our table after we ordered because they were sure we had not ordered enough rice for everyone!

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The Gereckes said...

so interesting...I'm trying to imagine what those taste like :) And they're so cheap :) Again...quite opposite than well as the never eating a meal together at home...Portuguese are big on eating a complete meal together at's fun to compare :)